Federal corrections officer dressed as woman gets robbed at gunpoint for his pitbull puppy

Yeah that’s a title…

I’m a little confused here. In the video it looks like the white dude is dressed as the female and the black dude they interviewed as the victim is hitting him with the gun.

So the camera was rolling to capture him blowing a guy and he got robbed instead?



So he picked up a male prostitute that robbed him, stop beating around the bush


so the jokes on…him?

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I guess there’s no white guy.

Basically this. Look at how the camera was set up facing the couch lol. Convenient.


He’s warning others about the victim… lol ok there guy, I’ll do my best to not pick up random black guys for sex on my way home from work.

Thanks so much for that info!

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Some real weirdos out there

wait, you and nic don’t have this set up at home?

NVM, I don’t want to know

wedding crashers comedy GIF by filmeditor

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I think the dude with the gun just realized she was a he and freaked out then got pissed off.

Poor dog, he looks frightened to death.

no way. the gunman 100% knew that was a fucking dude, lol!

i think the gunman wanted to get nasty on camera and point the gun at the tranny dude while getting head
the tranny guy rightfully got freaked out and reacted

I have a camera in my living room. Not recording though and probably has never captured a beej. Probably.

looks like gunman didnt wanna shoot
or it was empty

either that or he was trying to rob “her” AND get a bj anyway and “she” defended “herself”
“she” prob has the cam set up for “her” own homemade amateur tranny accoutn on xhamster

doesnt Dave Chappelle make jokes about “ATL” because it has a rep for having lots of “DL” gay/tranny loving black brothaz?

There is in the video. He’s also quite clearly wearing a wig.

Care Less Over It GIF by Holly Logan

Years ago I ran a 911 for an unresponsive dude. Halfway through working him up I see the web cam and the red light was on.

We switched to go-pros.