Federal tax return turn around?

My accountant filed electronically... Any idea what the turn around time is for federal return? Just curious Phone Post 3.0

Hopefully fast, I just submitted mine the other day Phone Post 3.0

Took mine about 8 days I think, Phone Post 3.0

reagan123 - Took mine about 8 days I think, Phone Post 3.0
Well thats some sexy news! I'm in no hurry but I'm planning on redoing my daughters bedroom with my return and heaving a blendtec for myself Phone Post 3.0

Trust -

If you e-file at this time of year and request direct deposit it's on the order of a week.  

Stupid ass accountants assistant fucked that up. I went in to sign my consent to file paper and have her a photocopy of a check for the routing and account information so she could get it direct deposited... She calls me this morning and says "I'm sorry it's been filed before we could get the direct deposit information in so you'll be receiving checks"

I said "how is that possible, I gave you my bank information at the same time I signed the consent to file form?"

Her response...? "these kind of things happen, we apologize"

Uh ok ya tard, have a good day Phone Post 3.0