Fedor/Affliction Poster (anyone want it)?

I'm not trying to get rich off of it or anything. I just came across an extra and I have more stuff than I need.

If anyone wants it (this is what it looks like http://www.mmacollector.com/cart/images/PO01AFFLICTION2.jpg)

It is yours for $20 (shipped anywhere in the United States)

I keep finding more stuff. Ill throw in a random DVD or shirt for who ever wants this.

I got a ton of stuff from both Affliction events. Hope it's worth something some day....although I am not expecting it to be.


wow. I thought somebody would add this to their collection... guess I was wrong!

 If you still have it around the 1st of next month I'll take it...

 shoot! Just realized this thread is 20 days old.. lol 

I'll take it! Phone Post

Hahaha! I missed the date, too! Phone Post

 The OP TTT'd it today so maybe the offer is still valid?

I'll take it, if it's still up for grabs.

It is still available.

I had a bunch of people write me but I was in the hospital and when I got around to responding, I never heard back.

Want it? Its yours

PM sent, hope all is well Phone Post

 TotalFightSource, it'd be much appreciated if you would respond to my PM about the DVDs. Thanks.

^What are you asking for it?

Musashi - Anyone want an original UFC 1 flyer/poster that was posted locally in Denver before UFC 1?

yes i'm interested...email me details/price mtb4dna@hotmail.com

^ Is "mtb4dna" short for "matt battle for Dana"? Phone Post