Fedor: An Observation

With this New Year's weekend of amazing fights and the increasing popularity of this most beloved sport, I am satisfied.

My focus is on Fedor. Watching the fight live on Tv was intense. I've been an MMA fan for 7 years and I have to admit that Fedor is the most exciting fighter out there right now. Being undefeated in PrideFC along with the true to life hype that Fedor has been able to present is extraordinary. No other fighter brings along with him so much intensity in the ring, feeding the frothing MMA fans with nothing but an emotional total satisfactory extravaganza.

Fedor fought tonight for himself, for his family and for his fans. He took this fight with a broken toe. Due to this injury he wasn't able to train the last 3 to 4 weeks as he was expected. MMA is in a delicate state right now. The right spectacle could spark a new revolution in the sporting industry so dominated by International Futball, and American football. Fedor knowing that he carries the hopes and inspirations of many people internationally fought. He fought knowing there was a chance that he could lose. That he could look like an average contender. Though this storm raged in his being, Fedor being the champion that he is fought. Fedor won.

Just like MMA. Our sport has had many back and forth battles. Many split decisions and early stoppages. Yes, we have kept the dream moving. kept the dream alive. Now many people are awakening from there reality and now see the dream that we as MMA fans have been dreaming of all this long time.

Great Fans. Greater Future. Greatest Sport.

He also ducked the top contender all year long.

what would the world be with out you, O' critic...though you are flawed, critique...

yea this whole ducked the number one contender stuff is over rated. Mirco himself said he didnt want to fight Fedor for the New Years Shockwave card because he wasnt completely healed from the Open Weight GrandPrix.

Fedor will fight anyone. Please think of something else other than Fedor is running for your argument. This argument has not substance, only a shadow.

And you can't write for shit. Fedor is one of the greats in the sport but how long can you rank him #1 if he continues doing what he did in 2006?


LMAO @ ducking the top contender. he allready beat the top contender and recouped from surgery.


1) Mark Coleman?

2) Hunt is a tough guy and a world class kickboxer with a 5-3 MMA record.

That was it for Fedor this year.

Fedor is not #1 until he goes one on one with the great one, Tim "the Maniac" Sylvia! Tim will be bringing that big check and trophy back to the states to put up on his dresser alongside his UFC strap.

Mark Hunt could of beat Fedor at anytime in that fight...I agree with RamboSambo...

Hunt was a real threat...It was obvious in the fight...though Fedor was injured.

Attjack I understand what your saying...your hating...I ve been a hater before so Im able to identify someone just hating for no reason. Fedor was recovering from a hand injury for the most part of this year. I expect you to renig on your commoents toward Fedor since Pride announced that Pride Champions would be defending their belts with more consistency in 2007.

Look at how MMA is blowing up. I'm loving the exposure. Finally our beloved sport is receiving the accolades it deserves. We dreamed and worked hard for this. Rejoice in it. One can never know how long it will last.

well Im very excited for the future of MMA and I want to be apart of it as much as I can. This is the time to tap into the growth of the MMA market. It started out as a single cell organism and through hard core MMA fans evolved into a hybrid virus...now it is the equivalent of a shark evolving from water to walking on the land of the mammals and becoming the number one resident carnivore.

"He also ducked the top contender all year long."

Hasn't he deserved the right to get surgery and nurse his injuries? Also,
we all know that Pride USA is fatally flawed. They made the major
misconception that fans wanted an American in pretty much every fight
on the card, hence Coleman. It's ill logic, but I doubt it was Fedor ducking
anyone. Didn't Barnett & Cro Cop both not want the NYE fight because
they weren't 100%?

Hunt shows what Coleman (a grappling primary) could have been with more bjj crosstraining...shit hunts only been in mma for so long and easily surpassed colemans performance both times...

Fedor runs from no man. He does have the right to heal his hand though. Anyone who says Fedor would duck a fight is clearly a troll, or a tard or a trolling tard. (Probably the latter)

Mirko was the one who turned down Fedor for the NYE fight

hunt=#1 contender in a years time

Fedor running from Cro Crop? Tim Sylvia? You have to be kidding. I think PrideGP1 summed it up perfectly with a double post.

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Just to refresh everones memory. Was a great fight.

"Because Josh just made him look pathetic and helpless in about a minute like 5 months ago in his last fight."

just like Fedor did in the first 30 seconds of this fight? Could it be Fedor made that small mistake going for the Armlock because he WAS INJURED AND NOT ABLE TO TRAIN for the last few weeks?

"Do you guys really think Mark has made some drastic and dramatic improvement on the ground in 5 FUCKING MONTHS? Lmfao. The guy barely trains. He doesn't take this sport seriously. He never has."

5 Months is a looooooong time when you are already world class at one thing and can focus on a weakness. I am also interested in how you know Hunt's training habits and schedule these days?  He looked in better shape for the fight with Fedor than any other Pride appearance he has made.

"And he's been tapped out by Yoshida."


" He eeked out a win over Cro Cop barely by split decision just becuase he kept moving forward during the entire fight becuase of the inhuman chin that he has. They basically had the same fight in K-1 years ago which Mirko won the decision in part becuase, unlike in the Pride fight, Mark actually went down from the headkick in the K-1 fight."

I wonder what some fights people who post here are watching?  Mirko got grazed a couple times by Hunt and ran like a scared school girl the entire fight. That was not in any way eeking out a decision. Even if he "eeked" it out, isnt Mirko the #2 heavyweight in the FUCKING WORLD?

My advice for BLAF, go become TLAF and maybe you wont make silly uninformed posts anymore. (TLAF - Train Like A Fighter)