Fedor can be a UFC Hall of Fame Contributor!

Those clever UFC people devised a way for Fedor to be eligible for the UFC Hall of Fame (the only legit Hall of Fame mma has or will ever have).

When they revamped the Hall of Fame this year, they divided it into 4 categories: Fighters from the Modern Era, Fighters from the Pioneer Era, Contributors (non-fighters who helped out the sport), and Fights themselves.

Well, Fedor never fought in the UFC so he can't be a Modern Era, Pioneer Era, or Fight himself.

BUTT, he can be viewed as a Contributor I feel!

He helped out the sport by having spectacular fights outside of the UFC, and making mma popular in Mother Russia.

He can join the likes of Mask, Jeff Blatnick, and other non-fighters who have done cool stuff.

Isn't that SMART of the UFC brass?!?!!!

they should make it like the WWE Hall of Fame where they recognize accomplishments in other companies that are under their brand(corporate buy out) WCW/ECW but in MMA terms Pride/WEC/Strikeforce. deserving vets like Melendez, Diaz, Faber, Gomi, Wand and a number of other fighters can get in that didn't necessarily have the best UFC run but did enough to be remembered for their greatness. Fedor didn't fight in the UFC but he did in Pride and Strikeforce and if they recognize those accomplishments he should be in but if not those other guys that did fight in the UFC should be

UFC HOF is still very young. You can't induct 50 people per year.

Pride guys should be eligible. Zuffa owns Pride so there's no problem.

....outside of the fact that Dana hates him. Phone Post 3.0