fedor chat in russian - translate?

fedor did a chat on his site on jan15


could any russian speakers please translate or summarize? thanks

Alex: Greeting to the greatest MMA fighter! My name is Alexander and I have the following question. In the city of Harkov, in February, there will be a MMA tournament. There is talk by the promoters that you might be an honorary guest. Is there any truth to this? It is a pity that I did not get to meet you at the tournament where Alexander (brother of Fedor) made his debut in 2003. Perhaps this time I will have a little more luck?

Fedor: Hello and thank you for the question. Me and Igor Vovchancheon often talk on the phone and are friends. I will be happy to be at the tournament if I myself do not have a contest to prepare for.

Ore: What kind of a personality does your brother, Alexander have?

Fedor: He is a very strong (mentally) individual who can greatly influence those around him. However he is also a kind, giving, and happy person.

Ore: Are there athletes from the Red Devil team that will compete in Pride? What are the toughest athletes in Red Devil?

Fedor: They will compete. Roman Zentsov and Andrey Semenov are being evaluated as potential candidates.

Ore: Who, of the athletes that compete in Pride, attracts your attention?

Fedor: My brother, Igor Vovchanchin, Mirco Cro Cop, Vanderlai Silva, Kevin Randelman, Jackson.

Ore: If RINGS becomes active again, will you compete? There are many fans of RINGS in Japan who are hopeful of its rebirth.

Fedor: Maybe, why not.

Hazard: Do you still plan to train with the Holland team Golden Glory? They have awesome striking and that should help you in your next title defense.

Fedor: Yes, probably. I would like to train with Ernesto Hoost. I will teach him grappling while he teaches me striking.

Ore: Who do you think is the toughest Japanese fighter?
Fedor: Probably Fujita.

Ore: What is your optimum weight?
Fedor: 105 – 106 kg

Ore: Are you usually the one who admits love to or are you the one to whom love is usually admitted.

Fedor: I think I am both.

Ore: Will you form your own team in the future?

Fedor: Possibly, but for now I am concentrating on training myself for my competitions.

Stanislav: I congratulate you with your PRIDE GP win.
1. Did you receive an invitation to participate in MMA tournaments in other countries? You currently competed in Latvia (1 fight), in Russia (2 fights), and Japan (the rest)
2. Do you still keep in touch with fighters from the Russian Top Team, namely Ahmed Lobazenov, Bezigit Ataev, Sergei Kharitonov? Thank you for your answers and I wish you luck.

Fedor: Thank you for your congratulations. I get many invitations to compete in different countries. I do not communicate with the fighters listed above. Ahmen Lobazenov is currently in Mahachkal, Bezigit Ataev almost never competes, and Segei Kharitanov refused to communicate with me himself.

Ore: What do you think of Gracie jui-juitsu? Do you like anything about it?

Fedor: It is a very effective martial art. However I prefer SAMBO and Judo.

Ore: What is your favorite movie?

Fedor: I have many favorite movies. It is hard to single out just one. “My sensitive beast”, “12 chairs”, “Brother” (previous three are Russian movies), “Fifth Element”, “Troy”, “Brave heart”, and many others.

Ore: I believe that you would defeat Alexander Karelin and Marat Hasanov in MMA. What do you think about this?

Fedor: I do not think it is proper to answer this question.

Ore: During your carrier in PRIDE, where there moments where you saw your own mistakes and worked to correct them?

Fedor: There where such times, in the fight with Fujita for example. I always continue to work on my mistakes.

Ore: Are there any super moves or super techniques which you know of but did not use in PRIDE yet?

Fedor: I still have many techniques which I have not shown in PRIDE.

Ore: what is you current goal?

Fedor: Correct all of my mistakes, to keep improving myself.

JUDOBOXER: nice to meet you Fedor!!! I am not good at English lol. I live in Japan Osaka. Now a days, you are the most popular MMA-fighter in Japan (except Naoya Ogawa). Many people think you as “real great fighter”, just good athlete and good spirit. So, I have some questions for you
1. what kind of training now a days?? i know you take vacation.
but, if you have training after vacation, what do you think some part??
kicking?? sambo?? submission??
I heard some training yours, with Lucien carbin.
I can see your awesome kicking next pride??
just like Gibert Yvel, or Remy bonjasky

Fedor: Currently I do the cross, and work with medium intensity to maintain my form. In the near future I am planning to improve in all directions. I work a great deal on my striking. I am slowly applying my new knowledge in practice. I hope that in the future these new techniques will be in my arsenal.

2. sergei dont change team yet?
i wish he change team to Red-devils
how do you think about that?

Fedor: If you mean Sergei Kharitanov, before he had an opportunity to switch managers and receive better conditions for training. However, right now, I think that it is unlikely that anything will change.

3. your punch style is very impact and charicteristic
how do you training punching?
many fans of you said "it`s magnetic punch"
so i wonder how do you training your punching stryle

Fedor: My stand up comes from Alexander Vasilivitsch Muchkov. I keep working with my brother and Roman Zenchovim. Training striking while lying down – that is my secret.

4. your takedown sense is good !!! it`s very awosome
is it style from sambo?? or judo?? i think
in japan, there is so little sambo gym...how pity
i wish sambo comes to jap
plz,if you have some power, make some gym in jap
i wanna do real russian sambo
5. last question
there is NO fan meeting as OFF-LINE in japan.
many fans of you wish meet with you.
do you have plans for fan meeting in jap yet?

Fedor: In part questions from Japan came to my Russian web site. At the same time my Japanese web site was functioning where the questions were reseived by Dmitri.

love your mind and your fighting. i do BOXING and Judo. if you have plans for meeting in Jap, i would go there!!!! see you later, arena or some other place peace guys

Fedor: Thank you very much. I think that I will be in Japan very soon.

Ore: What kind of training do you do to build your muscles?

Fedor: I do not concentrate on building muscles just for the sake of building them.

Ore: Which muscles you give special attention to?

Fedor: I do a lot of grappling, box, do exercises designed to increase speed, physical strength, and endurance.

Ore: After your latest fight, Noguera raised his hands as if he thought himself to be the winner and you on the opposite hand, looked as if you were upset by something. Why? Even an amateur could tell that you won that fight.

Fedor: I understood that I won the fight, its just that that guesture by Noguera unpleasantly surprised me.

Ore: Are PRIDE gloves comfortable?

Fedor: They are for me. I always work out with them.

Ore: What is your favorite color?

Fedor: I do not have one.

Ore: What do you do to take away stress?

Fedor: I try to distract myself with some chores, or I listen to music.

Ore: Right now you have a very cute baby girl. If in the future you have a boy, would you like him to compete in MMA?

Fedor: Of course not.

Ore: Have you ever trained with Igor Vovchancheon?

Fedor: Not yet but I hope to someday.

Ore: Did you choose your entrance theme?

Fedor: Yes, it is a group called Era.

Ore: How heavy are the kettle bells that you train with are?

Fedor: I do not train with kettle bells.

Ore: I heard that you have been training with a K-1 fighter to prepare for Mirko. Who is it?

Fedor: I plan to train with Ernesto Hoost.

Ore: Vanderlai Silva stated that he wanted to fight you, would you like to fight him?

Fedor: Sure, Silva is one of the best fighters in the world.

Ore: What is your favorite phrase?

Fedor: --

Ore: What did you buy this time in Akhihabar?

Fedor: Souvenirs, I was also looking at a massaging chair.

Ore: Have you seen any Rickson Gracie fight? What do you think about him?

Fedor: The entire Gracie clan is outstanding. I cannot say anything specific about Rickson.

Ore: I heard that you use some special devise to make your punches faster, what is it?

Fedor: I use light dumbbells to train my punches.

Ore: The president of DSE stated that Fedor is more worried about Mirko than Noguerra and that he will need an extended period of time to prepare. Is this true?

Fedor: No, even though I prepare for each fighter taking into account their own technical specialties.

Ore: What is your body fat percentage?

Fedor: I do not measure my body fat.

Ore: Would you like PRIDE to change any of their rules?

Fedor: No, I like the rules in PRIDE

Ore: What techniques in a fight lead you to become most tired. You are great at using striking, grappling, throws, ground and pound, but which of these tires you out the most?

Fedor: A long fight tends to tire you out just by its nature, especially is you are the one that is doing most of the attacking. I try to pace myself to last the entire fight. I train endurance very seriously.

Ore: If you did not become an athlete, what would you work as?

Fedor: I have no idea. I have prepared for my profession ever since I was a little kid.

Ore: What did you dream about when you were a little kid?

Fedor: I wanted a bicycle, and other toys.

Ore: Do you have a favorite quote?

Fedor: What does not break us makes us stronger.

Ore: How is your brother Ivan doing in boxing?

Fedor: Ivan is growing very fast and is still not physically mature. This is why there are no great victories (I did not have them at his age too), but in his matches he defeats his opponents.

Ore: Before you used to say that you do not have a good striking coach, did you find one now?

Fedor: I found him a long time ago, he is Alexander Vasilivitsch Michkov.

Ore: In the fight with Fujita and the last fight with Noguera, there was a moment where you made circles with your hand. Does this mean anything?

Fedor: It is called a faint. It is a false or a distracting move.

Ore: Is it true that there are still many tough fighters in Russia, tougher than Kharitanov for example?

Fedor: I think so.

Ore: What were your favorite subjects in school?

Fedor: Chemistry and astronomy.

Ore: How do you strike in such a fashion?

Fedor: Special types of training which are a secret.

Ore: What kind of training can you recommend?

Fedor: If you want to achieve great results within a sport, you have to give 100 present. In a fight, ahead of everything else, you must use your head, you must think. Training should be goal oriented so as to not work blindly. Goal oriented training, strength training, endurance, speed.

Ore: How would you like to raise your child?

Fedor: Kind, well mannered, honest, and giving.

Ore: What are your hobbies?

Fedor: I love to listen to music, I draw a little bit, and I love to read.

Ore: Do you eat mostly Russian foods at home?

Fedor: For the most part yes.

Ore: Resently it was discussed to hold PRIDE not only in Japan but in other different countries. Would you like to see PRIDE in Russia and would you participate?

Fedor: Yes, of course.

Ore: What are your favorite writers?

Fedor: Tolstoy, Dostayevsky, Bulgakov.

Ore: Did you hear that PITT opened a large new sports center? Will you train there?

Fedor: As far as I know, its not PITT but Nikolai Zyiev, who opened a large sports center in Ekaterenburg. PITT does not have their own center.

Ore: Do you know a Japanese game called pachiko

Fedor: No.

Ore: Do you know any Janapese magazines?

Fedor: I even gave an interview in one of those kinds of magazines. However, regrettably, I do not remember its name.

Ore: What are the benefits of training with a large hammer?

Fedor: Training with a heavy hammer is useful for training the strength of a punch.

Ore: How can you avoid techniques of Noguera so easily? Is due to SAMBO?

Fedor: SAMBO and Judo. Although it is not enough to know SAMBO and Judo to avoid techiniqes of fighters like Noguera. You must have a lot of experience in grappling, and you have a feel for grappling, a feel for a technique, and a feel for an opponent.

Good stuff, thanks.

"What do you think of Gracie jui-juitsu? Do you like anything about it?

Fedor: It is a very effective martial art. However I prefer SAMBO and Judo."

Not having a favorite color is badass! Its like he cant even be bothered...

"Fedor: It is a very effective martial art. However I prefer SAMBO and Judo."

Prepare to see this used by every judo troll on every single bjj vs. judo thread to prove judo is better. Then prepare to see this retort from every bjj troll claiming that Fedor admits bjj is superior:

"Fedor: SAMBO and Judo. Although it is not enough to know SAMBO and Judo to avoid techiniqes of fighters like Noguera."

Thanx for the translation! Badass interview. The man is ALL class.


Fantastic interview. Thanks for the translation!

Fedor is amazing!I just wish that the dumbasses at the Pride US website would get the Fedor stuff over here and sell it!!!!

Thanks for translating that. Fedor is a gentleman.

"Ore: Are you usually the one who admits love to or are you the one to whom love is usually admitted."

did this guy just ask Fedor if he's a pitcher or a catcher?

that takes more guts than i've got.

When looking over the interview I realized that I missed translating one question. I will try to edit my translation above.

Ore: What kind of a personality does your brother, Alexander have?

Fedor: He is a very strong (mentally) individual who can greatly influence those around him. However he is also a kind, giving, and happy person.

There is another question that I could not fully translate:

Ore: What is your favorite dish amongst those that your wife cooks?

Fedor: Borsh, (there are four more but I do not know how to translate the other names of the Russian foods)

Since everyone liked the "no favorite color" comment let me translate the question and answer literally, word for word.

Ore: Which your favorite color?

Fedor: Do not give preference to some one color.

There appears to be more questions and answers by Febor from the January 15th chat that are located

I think this is the start of the questions and answers and the part that I have translated before was the second part.

Maybe I will translate them when I get home today.

TTT for the continuation! Thanks a bunch David82. Excellent interview.

I can't stop laughing at this:

Ore: What did you dream about when you were a little kid?

Fedor: I wanted a bicycle


My favorite quotes:

"I do not concentrate on building muscles just for the sake of building them."

"I do not measure my body fat."

What a stud. I was curious about this:

"I use light dumbbells to train my punches."

Do any of you train like this for punches?

I just made a thread titled "Fedor: Complete Chat Translated" which has the entire translated text in one place. It starts with the new stuff (there is lots of it) and then the stuff that was posted on this thread.