Fedor Cheated. Coleman is GP Champ

Fedor cheated, Coleman is the True GP Heavyweight champ. Notice the 2nd takedown, any wrestler will tell you the way Coleman was controlling Fedor and lifting him off the ground, Fedor's feet would have been lifted way off the ground and Coleman would have landed in sidebody, avoiding the guard. Coleman is a nightmare from sidebody with his G&P and his neck crank submission. Instead, Fedor Cheated by grabbing the ropes with both of his hands, the only thing preventing a huge slam. Coleman had to settle a few seconds later for a takedown that landed him in Fedor's guard setting up the crucial armbar that "won" the match.

If you think that small instances in time do not change the course of fights, please rewatch Sperry-Zinovia, Minotauro-Cro Cop and hundreds of other match ups.

Up until the blatant foul, Coleman was completely controlling the match, with 2 takedowns, getting Fedor's back with both hooks in working for the choke, and punishing Fedor with devastating punches.

ttt for the Milkman, the true Two Time Pride GP Champ!

What about Mino/Mirko?

C'mon. Grabbing the ropes happens. Fedor would have finished either way.

And BTW, I have a better shot at being named a GP alternate then Coleman had of finishing that rear-naked.

fedor should have gotten 1 or 2 yellow cards. It WAS blatant cheating.

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ttt for the HAMMER HOUSE
Randleman will avenge the Milkman next round

What was the instance in the Mino/Mirko match the changed the course?

I don't think I've ever seen a Pride fight or a UFC fight where, when or if it was taken to the ropes/fence, someone didn't grab onto it.

Coleman didn't get armbarred because Fedor grabbed the rope. He got armbarred becuase he got armbarred.

Coleman grabbed the ropes to when he had Fedor in the corner. Blatant cheating, Coleman is DQ'ed, and moves on.

See how silly this game is?

What was the instance in the Mino/Mirko match the changed the course?Nog has mount and Mirko tries to buck him off. Nog grabs the rope briefly to keep from falling backward.

Oh, in that case Mirko cheated first. You can't simply sit up when you have a 230 lbs man on top of you the way Mirko almost did. If you look at Mirko's feet, he slides his feet under the bottom rope which gives him the leverage to buck off Mino. Both guys used the ropes.

"What was the instance in the Mino/Mirko match the changed the course?"

It was the moment that Mino secured the armbar

Everyone grabs the ropes in Pride, it's both natural instinct, and the desire to play all the rules to your advantage. Good guys know how far they can push it, whereas Yvels get themselves DQ. Liddell grabs the fence routinely in the UFC but knows when to let go.

I noticed this and we discussed it while watching the fight. Clearly COleman would have landed a HUGE slam had Fedor not grapped the ropes, ended up in side mount and done more damage.

Unfortunately, with that said, its clear Coleman still hasn't evolved much in submissions and almsot surely would have lost anyhow. That is the first and most basic armbar taught in JJ and even though Fedor slapped it on very quick, you could see him setting it up in advance.

Fedor cheated yes you can say but it was just his natural reaction to grab the ropes. IMO a yellow card should have been issued but oh well. Coleman has no jiu jitsu which is his downfall.

Definetly Coleman would of had a huge slam and probly would of landed in side.

Fighters grab the ropes or fence if they are nearby to prevent being slammed hard all the time. Hell, Couture's huge slam on Chuck would have probably KTFO if Chuck wouldn't have gotten a grab on the fence on the way down. I think it is more instinct than it is intentional cheating.