Fedor comment on Sergei

it is on his site (but not translated to english yet).

Comment from this site : "...In the moment of the throw in the begining of the round, Fedor commented that Sergei's shoulder 'came out'. After this injury Sergei was down and was receiving shots from Overeem. It happened that the referees did not stop the fight and now this could have negative consequences for Sergei's health.

Fedor comments : The problem is that Sergei is not a sambo player, his core art is - military hand fighting, and he also did boxing. In sambo, the players are taught especially techniques for throwing and especially how to do these throws with no risk for the person that is doing the throwing. And in order to improve your mastery of the sport, one must always compete in various tournaments...".

I love to see Fedor in ADCC

Whatever Fedor says is the truth.

"Whatever Fedor says is the truth."

Fedor is the only fighter in which extreme nutthugging and the truth come together and become one and the same.

There is a strong possibility that I am in love with Fedor.

any video of this?

the newest x-game event:

extreme nuthugging

No nuthugging on my part, just more of a joke.

"And in order to improve your mastery of the sport, one must always compete in various tournaments..."

Im still waiting for Fedor to enter a NAGA event

Nah Fedor hasn't beat up anybody tough before. He's just some fat balding Russian dude who like to go to Japan.

who's fedor? sounds german

Poor Sergei.

Too bad, I was hoping to see him in the GP before his shoulder injury.

Fedor and then everyone else! Fedor Nuthuggers unite! F all those who aren't! Poor Sergei, two bad performances in a row. I give him credit for taking so many shots against a guy like Overeem. I hope he'll be back in top form soon. Fedor in Abu Dhabi would be interesting.

didnt fedor say sergei was the BEST Grappler??????

I've seen the Japanese showing of Pride and they do show Sergei with a dislocated shoulder/collar bone.

It looked just like Saku's after he was slammed by Vanderlei.

Now if you excuse me, I have to go back to hugging Fedors nuts.

It is not possible to not be a fedor nuthugger, I mean, to dislike Fedor is to dislike MMA, the guy has every skill in the book and embodies what MMA should be, a perfect blend and transition between styles, at the same time he is nice and udnefeated (tk doesn't count) and has beaten the best. He is also a heavyweigh.

In other words he is like the dream MMA fighter, unless he beat up your hero (Cro cop, nog) and you hold a grudge, or maybe an arona fan who still thinks arona beat fedor, I dont see how anyone can dislike him.

actually hugs Fedors nuts

Yeah. Basically, if you were to be able to piece together the best possible fighter, you'd come up with Fedor.

I truly think he will go down in history as the greatest heavyweight of all time. Kinda like how Sugar Ray Robinson is immortalized as the greatest boxer of all time.

TTT for Crazy Turkey!

I know that was translated so it may sound different but ...
I just hope he isnt trying to blame the ref when Sergei had plenty of time to quit and not injure himself more than he already was. His stubbornness and refusal to tap was his own fault and if he was injured more because of it, it isnt the ref`s fault.

Sergei knew he was injured but the ref could have ,and most likely missed it.