Fedor comment on Sergei

I thought Fedor said Sergei was the BEST Grappler on RTT????????


I tried to dislike him because he did beat up my hero, twice.

I tried and failed. He is just that good.

Fedor's comments are correct. Sergei is a better stand-up fighter and he's a bad-ass one at that.

People are making way too big of a deal about Sergei getting beat. Yes, he got injured early and yes, he should have tapped, but we know that he never would have.

He will be back and will ko top guys again very soon.

In particular, I'd like to see him fight Barnett.

Fedor is correct, and when it comes to being a 'fedor nutlicker' there's few fighters that give more reasons to be one than him.

It was a shame Sergei hurt his shoulder, it was pretty clear he never used it during the fight.

It was up there with the self KO throw from Arona on Shogun... A real shame.

Sergei is a Systema fighter, with boxing training.

As we can see, his boxing training serves him well, but all Systema has done is give him a false sense of confidence in his grappling, and poor, rudimentary sambo skills.