Fedor -Desire to keep fighting after Barnett (vid)

"I'd like to keep fighting as long as I can, through the current contract and into a new contract. My desire is to keep fighting."


by the way the look on fedor's face at 2:38 while being asked about arlovski is priceless. it may be unintentional, but it's hilarious.

 I have no doubt Fedor is going to be in the UFC by years end.


 Great vid Card, thanks

piratepirate - Ugh... After Barnett I don't see why he wants to keep fighting.

Really... Everybody talks about Fedor in the UFC,
but who would he fight?

Mir? Lesnar? Couture? Come on....

On paper, they are all mismatches but this is mma and anything can happen. Personally I think I would enjoy seeing Fedor pwd Mir and Lesnar.