Fedor Did Not Train For Hunt (pic)

This could be bad for Fedor. He looks way out of shape.

how much did he weigh in as? that looks like at least 300

Too many Vovchanchyn cookies, IMO.


I am concerned about Fedor in this picture. It seems as though he has caught the "I am a star disease" and he doesn't take training seriously enough.

Fedorbean... Interesting... Scary... Sexy?

I found that on Sherdog. LMAO


Really good romorshop!

i wonder if he is actually flexing, or just holding his arms up?

He went into the sauna and came out 2 hours later much lighter.

seriously, is no one worried about his health but me? i dont know much about fedor but i dont think he was ever that big right? how is this guy a champ?


cool tats in a sauna!

Totally fake, his nipples are way darker in the second picture.

he also got new tats in the sauna

how do you get tats in a sauna?

i dunno about your sauna but my sauna came with a tattoo shop inside.

i thought everyones sauna had tattoo kits in em?

Fedor continues to be the tannest Russian on the planet.