Fedor Did Not Train For Hunt (pic)

I wonder why he changed shorts...

DWray: derrr...cause he lost weight...

He will hibernate for the rest of winter after beating Hunt.

The tats were there the whole time. They were just hid under a fat roll.

"DWray: derrr...cause he lost weight..."

Makes sense. They're really catering to the American market by holding the weigh-ins several days early at a casino in America when the actual fight-card is on another continent.


Fedor is about to get KOED!


that's some serious weight cutting that would make even Joe Riggs proud.

Someone needs to send the first romo TO fedor....

Anon of course.

Or better yet. Label it with CRE's home address.

-i wonder if he is actually flexing, or just holding his arms up?-

The tatoo comments were funny, but this is the class post in this thread. Well played.


Really funny....!


good romo...


Didn't this fight get cancelled due to some Fedor injury???!

Looks like he has been training. And in the sun too.

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haha these are great romos... Crazy Z you're finding these on Sherdog? What thread, and who's making them?

There's a thread in the multimedia section called Fedor's Toe.

The guy who put them there found them somewhere on the net. Whoever did these is damn good. LMAO

^ lol, no kidding. thanks for the info

Great one Dwray!!

Fedor really needs to stop fake baking so much he's going to get skin cancer.