Fedor didn't want to fight 185 lb Vitor? Why?


Brett Rogers is obviously the tougher opponent what with his technically sound striking and amazing ground game.

well it was more M-1 saying no.. they wanted an 300lb out of shape and take the fight on less than 3 weeks of training mr. brett rogers.

oh god you guys are ridiculous with this nonsense....


Of course the 233 lb Fedor would have fought the 185 lb Vitor, thats what Fedor does nowadays.

Its just that Affliction purposely cancelled the show after spending millions on marketing Barnett. And their main goal was to find a way to get back into promoting their sh!tty T-Shirts during UFC events, not promoting MMA - so they pulled the plug on their own show.

predictable thread - now fedor was scared of vitor - if vitor fought fedor and fedor won, he would get a rep as only being willing to fight 185 fighters - thats why people with brains ignore incessant haters and critics when it comes to mma -

you guys can just sit around and hate each other to death, no one cares.


Rickson's Aura - Why was Vitor afraid to fight Mousasi and using the excuse that he wants to stay at 185lb?

 He wasnt afraid.  He told Mousasi he'd fight him at 185.  Mousasi said no.  Mousasi and Vitor are now friends.

i have known of Terry Martin since the 90's lol...i still dontknow who Mousasi is lol

 Terry Martin was willing to fight at 185.  Should GSP start calling out  Tyson Griffin and other lightweights?