Fedor Emelianenko preparing for Dan Henderson(vid)

 Fedor Emelianenko preparing for Dan Henderson. Fedor sparring in Russia.


Fedor seem a bit frustrated when the guy fell the second time

 Fedor and Alex Emelianenko.

Get him someone good to spar with!

Thanks alot for the vids tsgigor. Phone Post

I think Fedor will take this fight as I think he is still quicker than Dan, it will be a tough fight for him, but I think he wins. I hope he has worked with different people for this fight. Truth be told it is Fedors management and the M-1 idiots that have screwed his career.

i want to see more footage.

man, can't help but think that his training is outdated. Looks like hes sparring with absolute beginners.


 That was a great VIDEO! I havn't seen a VIDEO that good in a while! The last time I saw a VIDEO that good had to be When Cro Cop was doing his fight prep in the Pride days! BTW great VIDEO!........................video..

I can't see the video

Can someone send me the link? I don't see the link for the video?

4 l8er.


 Hope he's at least training with people winging overhand rights over and over again.........

Aleks Emelienenko and Cain V. would be my ideal HW match-up!