Fedor Emelianenko VS Antonio Silva Prediction



Its hard for me not to think Fedor will beat Antonio Silva, but like Werdum I think people vastly underrate Bigfoot's skills. Going to be a close one but I think Fedor takes a decision.

Fedor will finish Silva within 1 round.

Fedor wins. People talk about how this doesn't mean shit and how he needs to be in the ufc and blah blah blah. Same shit over and over. Phone Post

Fedor via 1st round murder, maybe manslaughter, but I'm betting on murder Phone Post

 I just hope Overeem beats Werdum, i'd much rather see the Reem vs Fedor. IF M1 doesn't have to go over another contract everytime Fedor fights

Fedor by 'he better not lose and rob us of Fedor vs Reem'

 Fedor has only one option - win this fight!

Fedor via GNP TKO or GNP UD risk of hand breakage

Overeem via KO/TKO/UD

Kharitanov via KO/TKO

Barnett via Submission risk of positive test

Barnett subs Kharitanov if he passes first test.

If Barnett fails test, then Kharitanov meets winner of Fedor/Reem

If both Fedor and Barnett are out, then worst case scenario:

Overeem vs Kharitanov Final

For me, the interesting question is, what do you guys think about Fedor vs Overeem.

Do you think Fedor can keep Overeem grounded?

I'm not sure what you mean by this ... please... splain

kenshamrocktoehold - I think if Mike Kyle can drop Silva, Fedor def can and will finish

Kyle can drop anyone if he connects but yeah Fedor can and will :)

Fedor KO's Silva Round 1

If Kyle can give you the fishy legs, then Fedor will knock your head into row 3 Baroni-style.

Silva's gettting killed

Silva is going down. I don't know which round though. I also think Reem is going to beat down Werdum. I don't think reem will go to the ground with him and instead, force Weredum to stand.. which will not go well.

It's very likely we will seem Reem and Fedor.. the only problem is if one of them chickens out and finds a way to back out of the fight. Both of these guys have to fear eachother a little bit.

Fedor kills him Phone Post

i predict Fedor will break his hand and fuck up the etire tournament idea. This will suck but fedor hits too hard for his own hands!

kungfugrip - i predict Fedor will break his hand and fuck up the etire tournament idea. This will suck but fedor hits too hard for his own hands!

Fedor has that killer instinct and goes for broke. EVERYTIME that man steps in the ring he brings the thunder. So exciting to watch him fight.

Fedor will win via speed. Big Foot is very slow and easy to hit. I hope I am wrong though and Big Foot pulls off the upset.

 I agree with the Fedor via broken hand prediction