Fedor Fight - Bodog - Skipped Rules Meeting

here's the bodog fight scene from FIGHTING POLITICS MMA FIlM. Enjoy.


will post more behind the scenes footage soon.

also, interviews with Calvin Ayre..... need I say more?



 Is this movie out and available?

The Voice, Michael Schiavello, is appalled at this DIVA behavior.


that was some buuuuuull shit right there. the ref should have immediatley stood them up. Lindland had the bodylock takedown 2x clean.

Thanks for the TTT Kirik. We have more bonus footage to come.

Also great footage of Rich Franklin/Billy Rush on weight cutting.


 Thanks for posting video Mediafly!

Why edit out Lindland grabbing the ropes (before fedor did), kneeing fedor to spine and grabbing he's shorts to stop armbar?

TTT Phone Post

 i am sure fedor woulda won no matter what, but i too was bummed he grabbed ropes to prevent matts takedown, which looked like it was gonna work