Fedor having 2nd thoughts....

....about fighting. Japanese media reports that he watched the tape of his fight with Randleman and realized how close he had come to parylization or death from Kevin's suplex.

He is contemplating hard on his future. I hope he continues fighting.

he is fine!!

he got that bullshit chip that DATA kept getting installed in him...that was the basic plot of every startrek movie ever made with piccard

vov is correct.

fedor's cpu is a neuronet processor, a learning computer.

I find that odd. He competed in sambo many times. Thus he's been thrown thousands of times in practice and otherwise. EVERY throw(espetialy in competetion) may be your last. If you worried about that crap you don't do it, and he has done it for a long time.I doubt he'd really be considering quitting now. I'm sure they translated his words incorrectly. A man with his skills has really only one job in Russia which would pay as well as pride. And rolling out of bad falls is easier then dodging bullets.

I'm sure he wont quit, but taking some time to reflect on what happened can't be held against him. I would be wearing diapers for a couple days.

Maybe he wants more moola!

He just survived a car crash and then the slam of the year....his nine lives are runnin' out.

Well, as long as he doesnt fight Randleman again, I dont think he will have to experience a slam like that.

He landed on his upper shoulders.

KR is a stud and the slam was dope but it looked a lot worse that it was imo.

Fedor is the best fighter in the world and being tough as hell is one of the reasons. I don't see him doing anything else but winning the Grand Prix and continuing his dominance.

Zetti, this match up could be the biggest match in the history of MMA. How long did Mino hold the belt, something like 3 and 1/2 year right? Nuff said there. Fedor has held the belt since defeating Mino a little over a year ago and looks unstoppable.

I would favor Fedor because he won the first encounter and there's no reason to doubt that he couldn't do it again. No question that Mino could sub Fedor if the right opportunity presented itself though.

anyone hear about that new email virus?

I agree with zetti in that Fedor would win this tourny if not for Mino.

"He landed on his upper shoulders."No. I have watched it multiple times today. He lands directly on the back of his head and his spine, approximately C7. Check this pic, he hit right where the swelling is in the center pic. VERY SCARY.The way the momentum carried his legs up and over his head is bad too. It's truely amazing that he isn't badly damaged. I have a problem in exactly this area from trying to slip out to an inverted armbar while being stacked up. Right now I can't look up for more than seconds at a time or my right arm starts to go numb. My chiropractor is working miricles with it, but seeing that slam made me cring big time. :(

This was shortly after the press-conf.

Speaking of which. The press-con after the event was so horribly mistranslated that i would not be surprised the scared part was also. It's hilarious for anyone who knows both russian and english to hear the difference between what the english guys get for their questions and what Fedor actually says. Quite often the difference is significant. Like saying keeping myself calm to be more precise, and getting translated into to not be scared. Or something equaly ridiculous.