Fedor Highlight

Keiron from Norway made a highlight video of Fedor.

Many thanks to Keiron


Help out with some ttt's please, this highlight is pretty amazing



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my review:

first half is GARBAGE. intro is way too long, and then it goes into the tired old, skinny skateboarder fag music. WHEN is the skinny skateboarder fag era going to end? when will be people realize that 90 lb 17 year old injuring themselves in parks are not 'tough'?

2nd half. GREAT STUFF! the whole thing should have been like this. good music remeniscent of 'gladiator', good to-the-point clips of my favorite fedor fights, like goodridge, coleman, and randleman. great job! just cut out the first half and leave this part.

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cant see the video i could only hear it