Fedor: I have nothing to prove against Brett Roger

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                                Fedor: I have nothing to prove against Brett Rogers

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                    <p>FanHouse spoke to Emelianenko at the public workout in New York City about fighting Rogers and his thoughts on whether he is truly dodging the top heavyweights in the UFC. Check out the full video interview below.</p>

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he's right...

Chris - he's right...
Kirik must be logged in as Chris. Only explanation for a perfect answer.

Great interview. Alistair isn't ready and if the UFC would give them a good deal like they claimed they did then Fedor would take it? Dana is a dick for this smear!

Fuck fredo.

why is he scared of lesnar!?

 The only deal they cared about was the co-promotion.  I believe that to be true.  I have no doubt the UFC offered a lot more money than Strikeforce.   I do not blame Dana and the UFC for not co-promoting as M-1 is not signifcant.  I am disappointed that Fedor won't be throttling Brock anytime soon but at least we get to see him fight in the US again and in a cage.

y the fuck does he say he has nothing to prove? EVERY fighter has something to prove...

Maybe in 2011 we will see Lesnar vs Emelianenko, with Lesnar as the face, Fedor the heel, Rocky IV style, not reverse Rocky IV style like it seemed to be.

Fedor answers questions like a politician.

Chris - he's right...

 Chris is right.

those were some asshole-ish questions

dont really like ariel

i guess someone was gonna ask though..oh well
seemed like a cool thing to go down in NY

I find it funny how Helwani does the full court press on people like Atencio and Fedor. When I saw him interview Dana White it was nothing but fluff

  hows this name:


what about bret favre

Fedor's response was lost in translation. What he said was, "Defeating Brett Rogers proves nothing."

Fedor showed an emotion by smiling to this question of dodging opponents at 2:04.

I hope he gets ko'd..

Fedor is the man.

Defeating him may not prove anything, but losing to him will...

Will this fight be for the WAMMA title? They could sell it as such, have Overeem vs Werdum for the Strikeforce title on the same card, and begin to hype a future "unification match" between the victors.

Aside from DREAM, I do not believe that Strikeforce will choose to recognize titles other than their own on their broadcast, but who knows?

^just trying to come up with some way that it makes sense for Fedor to face anyone besides the champion, and even moreso, for anyone other than Fedor to be fightng for the Strikeforce title. Coker's desire to build towards Fedor vs Overeem will most likely work out just fine, but could pay off as well as UFC's attempt to build CroCop before throwing him in a title fight. The potential for another wild upset like Rogers had over Arlovski is the only thing that makes this match mildly interesting.

Given the new Strikeforce HW landscape, if Fedor vs Overeem is going to be down the road, Rogers should have been given the shot at Overeem after his win over Arlovski, and Fedor given Werdum for his 1st fight. Werdum was previously scheduled to have his title shot against Overeem before the Fedor siging, so this is only fair to him, but it still defies logic and proper matchmaking for Fedor not to be paired against Overeem, or at least the higher-than-Rogers ranked Werdum. 

has a translator yet says thank you very much to his good luck! ? I though Coleman said he has decent english skills and thought he understood english?