Fedor: I'm as endurant and fast as young fighters


I am glad to fight for the American public and have the battle within the Bellator tournament, - said President of the Union of Russian MMA. - Yes, after a series of defeats, I thought about the possibility to return to fight in the United States. America is the legislator of MMA. From here came the mixed martial arts. I improved my form since the last fight in the United States? I can say for sure that I did not become younger (laughs). I feel good. Working with young people, I understand that I am not inferior to them both physically and in endurance and speed. Of course any athlete wants his sports career to last as long as possible. However there is one thing ... we assume, but God disposes. I watched the fights of Mitrione. Besides, I attended his fight in England. Matt is experienced fighter, he is a very good drummer. He's fast and heavy hands.

"I did not become younger."

Pumped for Fedor Saturday!

Mitrione by double pedal

I had no idea Matt played drums.

garrote - Mitrione by double pedal

This deserves a little appreciation vu 

God disposes...

I can't wait for this Old Testament shit to go down.