Fedor: "I'm good friends wih Josh"

Fedor stated that he doesn't want to fight Josh Barnett because they are good friends.

He also said that when the time comes, they will fight.


Fedor is good at playing mind games.

by rematching do you mean mutilating ?

"If by "mutilating" you mean gaining yet another judges' decision, sure"

Tough to finish a guy with an iron chin and top notch submission game.

Fedor had Mino as close to being out as he has ever been in his MMa career in the first match, when he hit him with that right hand bomb in the corner on the ground.

Had he stopped, I think the ref would have stopped the fight, as Nog was pretty much out of it. Really seemed like the next couple punches he landed woke NOg back up.

"Fedor stated that he doesn't want to fight Josh Barnett because they are good friends."

Sounds like a dicktuck. But I dont see why, Fedor would beat Barnett anyway he wants.

"Well then he's not being "mutilated."

Yep, and I never said he was. How does that foot taste?

"All bullshit, ESP abilities aside, what does this have to do with "mutilating" someone? Clearly he didn't put Nog out, so you're an idiot."

Again, I never said anything about him mutilating Fedor. Once again you read what you want and jump to the keyboard without thinking. How does that second foot taste?

Like your knowledge of striking and MMA, you reading comprehension is limited, and really quite a sad little thing. Perhaps one day, when you mature, you will realize that acting like a spoiled little brat on an internet message board isn't the best use of your time.

Good night, and good luck. I wish you success at your minimum wage day job.

Fedor speaks a bit more English then he lets on. He is a very reserved guy.

" Two flabby guys with no guard, sharing mutual admiration. Who would have thought?"

This is funny but not true. Both Fedor & Barnett do a nice job of reversing or escaping from the guard, and have caught a few guys besides.


"Fedor is good at playing mind games."

so true

ok so he molested nog not mutilated.i say jus fight josh,regardless for the title or not.

fedor beats josh in brutal fashion.

do not listen to fedor about being human! he is not! he comes from another planet.

yflives, why are you such a nitpicky little bitch? just curious..

Hey lets all argue semantics and call each other names!

Fedor beat Nogi up pretty badly, I don't really see how anybody can deny that. And it's not like anybody in the world has ever finished Nog. But hey put it in your head however you need to.

On topic; does Fedor speak any Japanese? Maybe these to gaijin giants are communicating in the devil toungue.

LOL at some of these comments.
Fighters say shit like this all the time.
It is a small community, they are buddies and would rather not fight but will if they get matched up.
There is no fear, no dick tucking, just the reality of the situation.

"Two flabby guys with no guard"

Fedor subbed Coleman twice from his guard, I believe.

nog said he was good friend swith josh as well, and fedor said he was good friends with coleman as well

fuck is the point?

I was going to say I thought Barnett spoke Japanese, maybe Fedor speaks a bit too. Besides, you can be friends with someone and still barely communicate with them.

0110000011000000001111111000101011000 imo.

i know it isn't a big deal, but i just annoys the hell out of me when people
keep alluding to how a certain fighter "isn't human" and is "invinceable."

He has been slammed on his head, almost subbed, etc...

he is awesome, but stop the hero worship. stop creating superheroes. a
fight is a fight. everybody will lose at some point. i think fedor will lose
to someone this year.

"yflives, why are you such a nitpicky little bitch? just curious"

Worst case of outofshapeloudmouthbluebelt I have EVER seen. And I have seen some doozies.