Fedor in CT. Anyone going?

Just saw a flyer saying that Tito, Fedor, Royce, and Shamrock will be at Dave and Busters in Manchester, CT. Anyone going? Phone Post 3.0

I probably am. Or at least die trying. This is too big to miss!

Now I have to find my sweater of absolute glory. Phone Post 3.0

No UGers from CT??? 860 baby Phone Post 3.0

I'm thinking about it but it's going to be a mob scene Phone Post 3.0

Are you driving down this way Kirik? Phone Post 3.0

Yeah I'm sure it will be packed but I don't care. I wouldn't forgive myself if I passed up the opportunity to see all these legendary fighters all in the same place. Phone Post 3.0

I went and it was totally fucking awesome!!!! Meeting all those guys was amazing!! Got all of their autographs, they were all really nice and it kicked so much ass!!

I'll never get a chance to see all of those legends at the same time. Phone Post 3.0

I also told Tito it was time to come back to the UG. I told him that we were all waiting for him!!! He said he would, hopefully he was serious!!

Until Tito!!! Phone Post 3.0

I just posted pics in my other thread. Fun times. Phone Post 3.0


I wish I had read this earlier.

More details please

Was there took pics , I made a thread about it check it out