Fedor is like a Panda

Fedor is like a national treasure.

Zuffa wanted to lock him up under their terms and agreements

(((( OH NO ))))

China loans Panda's , said Panda is under the jurisdiction of China and everyone makes money.

Apparently Zuffa doesn't understand this concept







Wish i was fedor..

I do agree Fedor is kind of like a panda.. mainly in the comparison posted by BrianStannFan.

Fat, useless, but occasionally entertaining Phone Post

 I prefer to think of Fedor as a mischievious badger. 

The Panda - Wish i was fedor..

Ha ha ,lol Phone Post

crazydave -  


That is so damn cool Phone Post

 I like to picture Fedor as a figure skater. He wears a white outfit, and he does interpretive ice dances of my life's journey.   

Pandor Phone Post

 ^ lol, end of thread


No, Fedor does not know Kung Fu.

ODH???? Phone Post