fedor is more hype than reality

i hate to say this, but fedor is not the greatest fighter on the planet. in fact he's far from it.

let's be honest. his striking alothough clearly powerful, sucks. his ground game has not impressed me much either.

his punches are looping and wide. he throws off balanced punches and leaves himself exposed. i made the same claim about other guys that were way overhyped like phil baroni (in his early days) alex steibling (the supposed brazilian killer), and i damn near got run off this board for claiming that chuck was a bunch of hype.

the truth is fedor has shown a propensity to getting rocked with big punches due to his piss poor technique. the only thing that has saved him thus far is his granite chin just as nogs chin saved him for years. his days are numbered. he will soon be exposed. chuck suffered the same fate.

i called it years ago that chuck would get wrecked as soon as he faced a decent boxer with the toughness to take a shot or the brains to keep their hands up. needless to say rampage among others were up to the task.

i had full confidence in arlovski to dismantle fedor and the fact is he did. sure fedor got the w but he was exposed in the process. aa was whooping him badly and had he not got so excited and pissed on himself he would be wearing the strap.

mir and barnett both have the technical ability to chew fedor up and spit him out. it wont be long. start planning your excuses.

Shut up.


Shut Up

so what is it that makes fedor great? his wide looping easily countered punches or his russian mystique?

fedor is the best at winning fights. end of story. is he the most technical? no.... is he the strongest??? no... but the fact is he always finds a way to win.... and that my friend is what makes a true champion.

you were the same guys that claimed chuck was unbeatable... lmao!

baroquen there is some truth to what you say, but bottom line is fedor is not the greatest. he's been lucky enough to face guys that either lack the technical proficeincy to take advantage of him, or they have chins made of paper.

he wont be so lucky against mir or barnett

"i had full confidence in arlovski to dismantle fedor and the fact is he did"

Yeah, that was a real clinic AA put on. Fedor must be in the hospital from the beating AA put on him. I hope he survives.

disbeliever, im not hating at all, a win is a win. but touting him as the greatest ever is laughable. thats blind.

he wins and thats the bottom line. but he is not great.

So then Mir and Barnett are the greatest?

lol...doesn't this get tiresome...the guy doesn't lose...sure he will eventually...who is greater than Fedor? not who might/could/should/would beat him...who has a better claim to the title "the greatest"...go sit down over there while you think ->

Yawn, another troll in deperate need of attention.

I give you 0.1 for the complete lack of originality.

rali, i guess ur the type that wants to see a brawl to determine who the bigger puncher is??? fedor wins those all day long, but put him against a guy that knows how to hit and not be hit back and he will be eaten alive. in fact thats what aa was doing.

You are right...Fedor is not the greatest fighter...but he is the best at beating the crap out of everyone he has ever faced...oh...wait...

So then Mir and Barnett are the greatest?

- no i wouldnt call either great, but both capable of beating fedor.

whats with this blind loyalism to this man? explain to me why he is great other than he punches hard and kos guys, so do kimbo, mike tyson, chuck lidell and every 300 lb line man in the nfl.

he is not great. he is a hard puncher with a granite chin. chuck lidell 2.0

and for whoever called me dana, i was a pride fan boy before you were born.

who da best?

You are making an ass out of your self

so who is your pick as the greatest heavyweight?

destroyer mir and barnet have both beaten similar class of fighters. one could argue they have done it while taking less damage than fedor. how many times has he been put on queer street? many! how many times have you seen barnett rocked? very rare. i will grant you mir has looked horrible at times, but when he is on he is very on and his boxing far surpasses anything fedor has to offer.