Fedor is to Nog as Saku is toSilva

Other way around.

Same situation though. A great run ended by a guy who's style just matches up too well.

I imagine Nog will fight Fedor again eventually. And I think he'll lose.

I have always loved Nog and I don't see him going the Saku route (losing regularly to a variety of fighters) but I think his time as champ is over as long as Fedor's around.

And once Fedor pounds CroCop, there will be no one left....


tom erickson if they let him

Fedor still has good fights with Kharitonov and Hunt after Crocop.

After Hunt, there's really nobody left for Nog to fight in Pride.

Except that Fedor and Mino are in the same weight class.


funny I was thinking the same thing

so are people going to be saying that mino is done now?

though fedor didn't ko or sub mino

saku loses in dominating fashion..... nog just gets nullified... at least in the latest

Nog isn't done. He just can't beat Fedor.

Man, Fedor keeps his hands real low. Mirko would probably nail him like he did his brother.

"Man, Fedor keeps his hands real low. Mirko would probably nail him like he did his brother."

  • You think that quite possibly Fedor would have a diff. strategy against CC than with Mino?

Fedor will take Mirko down with a takedown in the first minute. Why would he do anything else? After handling Nog well on the ground, do you think he's afraid of CroCop's blue belt level bottom game?

Is it my imagination, or does Fedor do a couple things that must make him very disheartening to fight:

  1. He seems to either have astonishing reflexes,top of the heavy class speed, or a bit of both. It just seems like on the feet or grappling, he is just a little faster than Nog. All the time.Relentlessly.

  2. When he did his takedowns or throws, he seemed to just snatch and hurl Nog down easily, like he weighed 175lbs.

Can anyone tell me something he is doing different technique wise that would account for this perception of mine, or is he really just a faster, stronger beast?