Fedor is undisputed #1 HW, fess up

Is Fedor the best fighter ever in MMA?

Is Fedor the best P4P fighter?

Is Fedor the most rounded fighter?

I really dont know the answer to those questions or I just might answer that he maybe, maybe not. But this much is certain:

Fedor Emelianko is the undisputed #1 HW MMA figher in the world right now. Thats it.

Haters like "Your Father"/Our Bitch are just proving, once again, that no matter what, there will always be excuses thrown around and childish attempts at discrediting the winner of fights.

I still believe in Mino and I think he is the undisputed #2 HW in the world but to deny that Fedor has not proved that he is the better fighter of the 2 and best HW in the game is just dumb.

Can Mino beat Fedor one day? Maybe, who knows. I think that Mino has the ability to beat almost anyone but he never came close to doing it against Fedor over 2 whole fights. You can knit pick all you want of how Fedor's win over Mino wasnt perfect but you have to start out by saying that Fedor is the man or your picking is just trolling.

The results speak for itself.


Lets move on.

He is w/o a doubt the man. I look for Barnett or Crocop to be the ones to stop him. If they don't it will be a while til we see him stopped.

I may be mistaken, but isn't Fedor going to university in addition to training? He mentioned that his training doesn't interfere with his exams.

Yelm, here's what I think about those 2 matchups.

CC: Improving all the time and always has the chance with his kick, etc but I think Fedor wont have too much problem getting him down and once he does, I think Fedor will GNP him to open up, pass guard and submit him.

Barnett: I have been saying that I think Barnett is the best matchup out there for Fedor (I also think Barnett, if only he would fight and prove it, is the 3rd best HW and not CC).

Before Fedor starting tapping people out, I thought Barnett was the most rounded HW. He goes got good standup, GNP and subs. He is also big, strong, coached by Matt Hume and very tough (Josh comes to fight).

The only thing on him is that Fedor has been fighting the best and beating them all. He is much more in tune than Barnett. I would have to pick Fedor over Barnett because of that at this point but I do still think Barnett would give Fedor the best fight out there of any HW.

CC could also get the KO from hell but I like Josh's chances better.

Anyhow, fess up, bitches, Fedor's #1 with a f'in bullet.

scott ferozzo is the bomb

ON A SIDENOTE: I would love to see Barnett vs. Mino too.

After seeing Ricco vs. Mino, I was convinced, though most seemed to think Ricco would get schooled and therfore Josh aswell, that Josh could very well beat Mino.

I'm not saying Mino couldnt also beat Josh and I think Ricco's sub game is better than Josh's but Josh also dishes out way more punishement than Ricco. His standup and GNP is easily better. Mino have had a bad day at the office against Ricco but I bet you Ricco could do at least just as well if they fought again.

Josh's sub game is also quite good so I def. think Josh could beat Mino the same way Fedor has.

Ricco vs. Josh would also be an interesting matchup: they are about the same size and came up around the same time. Ricco's sub game might be better but with Josh's standup and GNP, I would pick Josh.

And, ah, didnt I mention that haters have to fess up still?

He's undoubtedly the #1 HW in the world right now, bar none.

"i thought this was a given, does this thread even need to be made?"

  • Sad, yes, I know but there is one particular BJJ troll that is typing really hard right now to knit pick Fedor's win and discredit him, again. There are some others aswell.

The guy actually posted that if Fedor gets up out of Mino's guard and wants to stand with Mino, then he should have to "PULL HIM UP."

RE: Arlovski. He actually may have a good shot too but I guess it depends on whether he can keep the fight on its feet. Im pretty sure he would get trashed on the ground.

Arlovski needs to put together a couple more big wins though imo (i do like him though).

"I may be mistaken, but isn't Fedor going to university in addition to training?"

"This is correct ^ "


Do you have more info about this? Maybe a link or two please. I can read Russian if the links are only in Russian.

Fedor is the undisputed champion now, no doubt. I think Cro Cop and any other heavywieght still have a long way to go.

i think only an idiot would argue he isn't #1 and has been since he beat Nogueira the first time.

Is the best ever? Well yes I think he would soundly defeat any other MMA fighter past or present

Most well-rounded? very subjective but yes a case could be made

Best pound for pound? I've never really been sure what that means exactly

I have said since the begining that Fedor is awesome and will not be beat in the futrue that I can see.

He is, Igor V is Ukranian.

Given that criteria for pound for pound, in terms of skill then I think FEdor is a match for anyone, past or present, competing in MMA

Mino is my favourite fighter by miles, but Fyodor is the #1. They are the top2 of all time IMO.

Wonder if his tutor at Uni ever gives him a B?

My thoughts exactly, Johnny Blaze

Fedor is the best, most well-rounded fighter in MMA today. CC can go fishing!

Right now he looks like he might be #1 at Pride.