Fedor, M-1 Allege Breach of Contract by Affliction

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                                Emelianenko, M-1 Allege Breach of Contract by Affliction

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MMAPayout.com has learned that Fedor Emelianenko and M-1 have brought suit against Affliction Clothing and Affliction Entertainment in Federal Court. The complaint alleges breach of contract and breach of the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing as it relates to a series of agreements between Emelianenko, M-1, and Affliction.

The complaint obtained by MMAPayout.com sheds new light on the relationship between the parties. Under the terms of the agreements, Emelianenko was to receive $300,000 per bout plus travel and accommodations expenses from Affliction in addition to a “substantial” payment from M-1. In addition to its promotional agreement with Emelianenko, Affliction also entered in a consulting agreement with M-1 as well as a letter agreement concerning Affliction’s sponsorship of the M-1 Challenge.

The cancellation of Affliction: Trilogy and the circumstances surrounding it are at the heart of the allegations.  According to the complaint:

Plaintiff is informed, believes, and based thereon alleges Affliction intended to sign Brett Rogers to fight in Affliction: Trilogy and intended to go forward with the event if the UFC deal failed, but intended to cancel [the event] if the UFC deal closed.  Brett Rogers was ready, willing, and able to fight Emelianenko in [the event], but instead of honoring its promises to Emelianenko and M-1 by signing Rogers, Affliction elected to serve its own financial interests at the expense of its partners.

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