Fedor: Marciano of mma

Already In Use - So Mark Hunt, Cro Cop, Nog, etc, etc are weak? Is that what you're saying?

You are literally inferring the exact opposite of my posts.

Fedor owned the HW division in an era when it peaked. Either he wiped out ALL competitors or the people he beat did. Now we are in a slump when there are little to no HW prospects.

so if someone is going to say something as dumb as "Fedor will also be remembered as the white guy who dominated at an era with weak competition.", it has to be pointed out that if it's a weak era it's because Fedor didn't leave many people alive and kicking from the strong era. Which is the calling card of one hell of a heavyweight champ.

Interesting didn't know that about Marciano, other than he was undefeated.

The only thing that limits Fedor is the bones and skin that god gave him. His bones may break, his skin may cut, but he still finds a way to win.