Fedor/Mino III...what belt?

I understand that Mino and Fedor will battle for a 3rd time, but I don't know what belt this will be for.

Will this be for the HW Championship belt? If not, when did they plan on unifying those belts?

Will this be for the GP belt? If so, then they shouldn't have it for the HW belt also.

Will this be for both? (most likely)

I don't think that the GP-tourniment champion should be decided in the same fight as the Pride HW champion, but that is likely how it will go down.

Why not have it for both? There is no point in having them fight once for the tourney belt and then again for the Pride hw championship.

Why not have it for both?

In the opinions of many fighters and myself, the battle/rematch between Mino/Fedor is between them and has nothing to do with the GP tourny. It's a 'coincidence' that both ended up in the finals, but let's be clear on what belt's we're fighting for.

For example, had Mino won that fight, there'd still be a rematch to unify the HW belt. Now that this debacle happened, they would have to hold 2 more fights between them to settle all of the business.

Yes, it does make sense to have both belts up for grabs, but it cheapens integrity of the tourniment IMO.

So Fedor has a belt, and Mino has the interm belt? WTF?

Sakakibara said that Fedor/Mino III will be for the PRIDE GP HW Belt AND PRIDE HW Belt.

It was stated that it is for both belts and the GP winners money.