FEDOR - more pics and site

For all the Fedor fans out there, check out his website at: www.fedor.bel.ru (click on english). Maybe have a few kind words to say on his forum. He has several video clips up on the site too.

And here are some more photo's of the cyborg:

With Father:

With Mother:

Fedor the Father:

and friends:

Fedor using old school techniques to train footwork:

Fedor the hottie:

Fedor the pimp:

Training pics:

Look at the condition of the gym they are training in, it looks like an old dirty basement. Now that is a good way to train for a fight. Training in conditions like that will make you tough.

check out this link form his site. Its a recent interview. Some pics too. Apparently Fedor was not gifted with talent, but was very perseverent. He was also weak as a child and jeered by other kids. I assume this is just a cover-up story by the russian military cyborg division.


Fedor interview

Thanks for the interview. I needed my decoder ring for that one.


over 300 views and less than 10 responses?

Hail to the Pride HW Champ!

How did Fedor get so tan?

Also, he looks so much smaller than Kharitonov. I'm still bummed they aren't matched up in the semis.

is it me or is every russian guy is those pics built the same way? Their all very stocky, no cut and defined, but stocky and powerful looking

Jesus, even as a baby he looks tough.

What the fuck?

Don't worry, the branches are for whipping :-)


Fedor & Sergei are blatently making out during a grappling session in one of those pics.

TTT 4 this website and pics!

Fedor is NOT human!!

Is that Kopylov in the middle?

Yea that training facility is ghettto. Look at the wights Alexandre is using. Those are some scary mofos there

Nice to see Grandfather Shoemaker Kopylov and a nude except for a t shirt Mikhail Illoukine. What are they up to lately? I was very dissapointed when Kopylov DEMANDED the Dr. stop his fight against Mario Sperry.

guess all that russian shit like kettlebells and cold weather training is real

Is it me or is Fedor smiling when their stanind in the snow shirtless ? insane!

It'll be interesting to see if Fedor and AK-47 fight in the finals, seeing that they are good friends in the pictures.