Fedor Much Better Chin Than Cro Co


Fedor would own Cro Cop because of the chin factor.


no way, and hard to say, that left hook Randleman threw could have knocked down anyone.

well fujita stunned the fuck out of fedor. has fujita ever hurt anyone with his hands? sometimes u just get caught

Ok I'll discuss. You have jumped to a conclusion based on one bad fight. Fedor/Crocop could go either way.

I'm glad people still have faith in Cop, he's one of my favorites but he scared me last night.

I think the Fujita punch was harder than Kevin's. Fedor was able to shake it off.

Randelmans left hook was pretty much as clean and hard of a shot you will ever see in MMA. Most guys would have been dropped by it.

Fujita's punch did open a good cut as well; it's not too often you get a cut on a single punch. I have no doubt that punch would have rocked/KO'd anybody.

I don't think the chin would be a factor in this fight, though. I honestly think Fedor would have an easy time of it. He'd just rush in and get the takedown and go for sub or pound Mirko out. Or he could swarm in with those swinging punches, then takedown. I'm fairly confident he would win in the first round without ever being hit (maybe from Mirko's back).

Hard to say. Fujita's punch had much more force behind it, but caught Fedor up on the temple, although it did snap his head over pretty bad.

Crocop got hit right on the chin, but was dropped and basically the fight was over at that point.