Fedor: my contract with Rizin is only for 1 fight

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The award-winning Russian master of mixed martial arts, four-time champion in MMA Heavyweight Pride FC Fedor recently decided to resume a career - three years after leaving. On December 31 in Japan, Fedor Emelianenko will hold his first fight.
The special correspondent of the sports information agency "F-Sport" Oleg Bogatov met with the athlete in Moscow after a night training. And I try to get an answer to the main question, which is raised by the many fans of martial arts in the world - for which Fedor decided to resume his career?
- Fedor, in what physical condition you were in when you decided to return?
- Over the three years after the end of his career, I tried to keep fit. Of course, it was not the full training, but I've worked with iron and ran light crosses. I'm back in the disassembled state (with a smile), but now it is gradually getting back to normal.
Thanks to my trainers, massage therapists, researchers and health professionals, to all those who helped me. To whom would I have asked, I find only support - and Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin, and the chairman of the Moscow Sport Committee Alexei Vorobyov Olegovicha, and the director of the sports complex "Olympic Village" Dmitry V. Kuznetsov. We have always maintained, and currently maintains the governor of the Belgorod region Yevgeny Savchenko.
Everything is so involved and help you feel: we - one team. All work on one result, including the entire staff of "Olympic Village". The guys feel warm, sincere support and want to thank for laying out training hard. Everyone understands - help these people become a part of the result that we will be on New Year's Eve.
- How many people are now part of the team Fedor Emelianenko?
- In Japan, we will be performing five - myself and four athletes. Kirill Sidelnikov team (weight category over 100 kg) - four-time world champion in combat sambo, frequent champion of Europe, and Vadim Nemkov (100 kg) - the world champion in combat sambo, silver medalist Russia MMA. By the way, Cyril and Vadim are now preparing for the November World Championship in Morocco. The boys have already established themselves as one of the best Russian Sambo and have experience of playing in mixed martial arts.
With us also works Valentin Moldovan - European champion in mixed martial arts among the fans. The guy from Simferopol are very interesting and promising young fighter entering the Russian team of mixed martial arts in weight to 93 kg. And Anatoly currents, which, in my opinion, is one of the most promising young fighters and has shown himself well. He had fought in the M-1, and Fight Nights, and other tournaments. Anatoly - one of the most talented in our team, he serves in the weight category up to 84 kg.
Also in the team is ready to guys who act in other organizations.
There are young athletes, but mostly our team, of course, there was a long time ago. Coach Alexander Vasilievich Michkova and Vladimir Voronov, we have been working for many years. By our work and joined the senior coach of the Russian mixed martial arts Gennady Kapshai.
- You said - were "dismantled". And what is manifested - muscle forgotten old techniques and skills lost feeling carpet, feeling the opponent?
 - Still training is now different from the past. My main job was at the Ministry of Sports of Russia, while doing little after hours. I have not had such heavy physical exertion, cross training, such a struggle and sparring. Of course, then there was no such endurance - I supported form, engaged only in order to be in good shape.
And now need work at the limit, is quite different loads. And now we come to the previous level.
- So, it took about two months to gain the desired shape?
- Yes, somewhere I had two months ... work hard (with a smile).
- When resuming a career is, in my opinion, two options. The man returned, he realized that he used something not finish and now feels the strength to take this step. Or an athlete, existing outside the normal rhythm, realizes that he lacks those loads of passion, adrenaline, which had been before. As has happened in your case - or was it something else?
- What could do as adviser to the Minister of Sports, in my opinion, I have done. I do some work in the field of martial arts, and to some extent managed to restore order - all organize. But there were things that did not depend on me.
Plus came the Japanese, the former team of "Pride" (Pride FC), which has decided to renew the great grand tournaments - a respected and beautiful history. They offered cooperation - not only with me but also with our young guys. And it will be a good basis for the realization of the capabilities of our guys who act through Russian Sambo Federation, under the Russian Union of MMA, and tournaments for mixed martial arts.
- It is planned that the project will be long-term?
- Yes, the long-term. And the offer to participate in this project was very interesting. In my opinion, now it is in martial arts professional to create certain new story. Contrary to the UFC created a Japanese organization. Previously, of course, the project "Pride" was the number one and rattled the whole world. Soldiers "Pride" were the strongest in the world, occupying the top lines in the prestigious international rankings.
Now the team is going to bring back his name and former glory. I see it as a good opportunity to help realize our young athletes. And the Japanese side have a full understanding of our interests.
- When the first negotiations with the Japanese?
- In April of this year.
- Back in April - long ago, before your decision to return?
- Yes, when they first planted the seed of doubt, and little by little I began to think (laughs). And in the summer I'm not that mature, but we weigh the "pros" and "cons", I enlisted the support of his family and made his decision.
- The Japanese were insistent?
- We have from time to time the meeting took place, and after some time we have achieved mutual understanding - have concluded contracts for the good guys.
- The contract was signed for a year or a certain number of fights?
- A certain number of fighting - till the end of next year. But, of course, will depend on their performances. How well will act and whether they will be interested - as will be needed. It always has been. If you are a beautiful victory, they will cause as often as possible. And if they will play or show little interest fights - is unlikely. Uninteresting fighting one does not want to watch.
- What is the contract is you?
- I - for one fight. And depending on the outcome I will think what to do next.
- Will think you or the Japanese?
- We will think together (with a smile). My task - to pave the way and help our children make attractive joint product. In whom would serve Russian athletes - anyone who wants to beat. Moreover, Japan has always been interesting for the promotion of mixed martial arts.
- But you see that now everyone is waiting for only one thing - how to perform Fedor. What do you expect from this fight, what you strive for and what you want to prove your return?
- I want our guys "hooked" to have everything turned out well, and I could safely leave. So they changed me.
- But you did not come back for one fight, do you give yourself some time?
- It will be seen. Yes, most likely, not one fight. Everything will depend on many different factors, as God wills.
- Is the age of the person on the passport, but there is - on the biological health. How many years do you feel yourself now?
- You know, I rested over the years (with a smile) and I feel good. And physically, and emotionally.
- It is better than it was when you left?
- It is difficult to compare - still three years had passed. I've probably been updated emotions. I get great pleasure from each workout, enjoy that fatigue after classes, enjoy every exercise. It's nice to feel as speed increases as increasing strength and stamina that I can still drive the young (laughs).
I am very pleased that a number of trainees guys take the knowledge that I have that I can pass them and be helpful. This is probably the most important thing.
- And right now there is no undercurrent of thought that it should have been done before?
- No. You know, there are things that must be done in a timely manner. His work to be done as well as possible. I spent three years in the Ministry of Sports and is very good that in collaboration with the federations of the different types of martial arts have turned out a lot happened.
And now I see the activity in a slightly different direction. In the development of the Union of MMA in Russia, our Russian sambo, which must be entered in the Olympic program. His work we are in some way associate with Sambo because I - sambist and Kirill Sidelnikov and Vadim German. We try to show that our school of martial arts - the strongest.
- Consent of the family was a key with your decision?
- Yes primarily. For me it is very important to support the family, and only with the consent of relatives I returned. Long had, of course, to persuade (smiles).
The family supports me, and if she said "no" - we now would not communicate with you.
- Who else we consulted from the world of sport and not only to the adoption of such a decision?
- Consulted and people differently about this. Someone took it with great joy, as someone said - "Why go back?" They reacted differently, but basically, what I see and hear, supported my decision.
- Most of you are supported, but there are certain people who will now be glad that you do not get. You ready for this?
- Yes, I understand that. First, I try not to think about such people. Still, I did not come back for them, not for the sake of waiting for my defeats. And as a human I will do everything that depends on me. The main thing that makes me happy - all the guys who work with me, and try my best. And then the Lord God will, so be it.
And as these people ... this unit. Basically, all the support and wish our team wins.
- With Vladimir Putin did not talk about this?
- (After a pause) Yes, we talked. He said it would be very worried (with a smile). And wished me luck.
- The name of Fedor helps to open the doors to regional administrations and to solve various problems of local federations and clubs?
- You know, it happens quite differently. I encountered this as an advisor to the minister of sport - solving various problems in the development of Russia and the Union of MMA, and all the arts.
There are regional leaders with whom we communicate normally sports issues, they are included in the work and really helps. And there were those who just pulled up at the first time of my arrival, local television, smiled, and said that everything will be done. But after the departure of the leaders of the federations they told me that absolutely nothing has happened, the problem is still not solved.
- The fact that on December 31 you return it in Japan, you know, love and adore almost adds a positive attitude?
- Probably still not idolize - in Japan, I rather took as a fighter. It happened my formation - when performed in "Pride." And I'm really glad that my return will be in Japan. Because everything is done so well and smoothly - there is a good and proper team working as a single clockwork. And not just complain about what such teamwork I have not seen anywhere else - either in America or in Russia.
- We already know who will be your opponent?
- The opponent is chosen - the Japanese side is negotiating with several fighters and I know his name is still unknown. But there is still time, and I have the opportunity to prepare and easy to get in shape.
- Do you have priority, who should be your opponent in the first bout since returning?
- Of course, I would like it to have been held on a fighter named. It should be understood that the athlete should be of interest to the Japanese public. Not only I, but my opponent.
- You watched three years fighting and evaluated what happens. Mixed Martial Arts have changed a lot?
- Any special effort, I do not see. Something extraordinary, compared to earlier times - absolutely not. Some organizations in Russia, which is engaged in martial arts, make mistakes. Each is trying to convince everyone that it is the best. In my opinion, still need to soberly assess their strength, and, and what is happening around.
- And what can be said, estimating the leading foreign company?
- As of today, it stands out, of course, UFC, which has a certain number of top fighters and "Bellator" (Bellator MMA), where there are good athletes and exciting tournaments held eight of the strongest. "Bellator" somehow trying to develop, and UFS has several top fighters, but there is a big gap between them and all the other fighters.
- How many fights scheduled for December 31?
- The competition will be held for two days - 29, when the preliminary fights will be held, and on 31 December. On the first day our Vadim Nemkov will participate in the tournament, "eight" Grand Prix. And if all goes well, December 29, he will hold two meetings, and 31 - the final battle.
Japanese collected a decent part of both competition days - will be fighting in a huge stadium, the launch of a new project RIZIN, former team "Pride" promises to be spectacular.
- What are the components you need to add up to the fight?
- Now I pay more attention to functional training, working hard to improve endurance and increase speed. Also turn out their specific techniques - in ground fighting in the front, in working out combinations. And little by little I impose it on sparring.
Next load will increase, there will be more sparring, more of a struggle.
- In November, you will be ready in the Netherlands - the rate it will be made to work in the front?
- Not only - will also struggle, Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Dojo we know very well, and jiu-jitsu is not as explosive fight, as we have in Sambo - it is more viscous and sticky. No better and no worse than Sambo, just a little different. I want the guys to know it, because sooner or later they will have to fight with the Brazilians. And, perhaps, have to fight in Japan - I want them to know this side of the struggle.
- The Dutch are known for their striking technique - will work on it?
- Make sure they have a good school. Firstly, this testing of combinations of bundles and, secondly, the spar that can hold more than ours.

"I'm back in the disassembled state" (with a smile)

Good to see Fedor finally acknowledge that he's a Terminator.

  • We already know who will be your opponent?
    - The opponent is chosen - the Japanese side is negotiating with several fighters and I know his name is still unknown. But there is still time, and I have the opportunity to prepare and easy to get in shape.

    Blend an ambiguous vague mma personality with google translate, and this kind of internet gold is what you get.

So was it really the conditioning of the Indian guy or was it the backlash?

Listen up UFC, "Uninteresting fighting one does not want to watch." The GOAT has spoken.