Fedor needs to pursue rematch.

forrestfan - How are things Chris? Still crazy?


Good Lord Almighty, I have enjoyed this thread! MoRe fail pictures please sir. Umm how about the on "you little bastard you've killed us all" picture. Google it and put it up please.

In the mean time let's see ufc fighters as aliens in honor of the space ship I saw last December. Alien ufc fighter romo now!

punches CrazyChris in the face

Thought my las

t thread would coax

some more fail stuff. The flu

sucks People! Help me out here!

I just need to laugh!

Rohan! Where are you? That funny bastards on YouTube and that's where I'll go. Good night ug and I cheers my nyquil to all.

"All your THREAD belong to US"

I hope you enjoy ownership. They all suck! This one only stated up because I used fedor as a topic. You crazy farts.