Fedor/Ogawa question

Who has better stand up?

Just punching and kicking ability... No throws/takedowns.



Fedor is a real fighter. That should answer your question.

"Fedor is a real fighter. That should answer your question"

Half the non japanese guys in Pride also do or have done pro wrestling as well. something everyone onhere fails to pay attention to.
Gracies included

In all seriousness, and with respect to Judo, Fedor has stated that Ogawa was one of his "inspirations" to succeed in Judo.

wild celtic is correct

I did a pro-wrestling match with Ogawa. Fedor will kick his ass. Standup or not.
Ogawa will probably drop out anyway. Either fake injury, or something.

LA Giant,

What were your impressions of Ogawa?

There's a big difference between a pro-wrestling match and a MMA match.

LA Giant - You're lucky Ogawa didn't "break the code"...

Break the code??? Not sure what that means.

My impression of Ogawa was that he's somewhat of a primadonna. They were really careful not to put him in a position to get hurt. In other words, he didn't take much heat from me. More from amori, my tag team partner.

Were you disappointed by his strength and abilities when working with him, or is it too difficult to tell?

I would like to hear more if you have the time and inclination.

LA Giant -


It is hard to tell in a pro-wrestling match but he seems slow. I mean in pro-wrestling you work together to put on a good show so as far as his drive and competetiveness I'm not sure. I know he's big for a Japanese guy at 6'4" but as far as I could tell nothing special. to say the least I'm not a big fan. Plus I owe him a good crack on the head.

my prediction is that when the going gets tough, he's out. Probably won't fight another fight for pride this year. Especially if it's fedor, mino, or dare I say sergei.

Stupid comment there at the end. Without takedowns as a set up,ground submissions and ground n pound doesn't exist. Go tell all the wrestlers and sub/BJJ fighters how overrated takedowns are.

lol, is this a trick question?

Fedor's stand-up may not have a lot of refined technique, but its pretty awesome all the same. Just go ask Fugita or Goodridge -- or even Coleman for that matter.

And please dont give me any BS about how he "knocked down" Leko in their fight -- that was the biggest peice of shit work I've seen since Frye/Hall back at UU 96!