Fedor on Aleksander

This is an excerpt from a recent interview with Fedor. I actually found it inspirational.

Note: this is really how Fedor talks. He says "we'll keep training in the same regimen" instead of saying "we'll keep doing the same thing" and "I have no such intentions" instead of "I don't think so".
He also calls his brother Aleksander San'a a couple of times. This is an equivalent of calling Michael Mikey - I left it in because I think it tells you a bit more about their relationship.

Here it goes:

Q: You just returned from your second training camp in the Mount Elbrus region. Tell us about your training, results, and accomplishments.

A: We trained on the altitude of 2,200 meters (about 7,200 feet). We've completed the main part of our regimen, which was endurance training. Now we need to keep training in the same regimen for two more weeks, and then we'll start preparing for the competition. A positive result of active coaching work was that I lost some weight. It's now at 103 kg (227 lb), but visually it seems that this number is a bit high..

Q: Well, are you considering entering a different weight bracket?

A: Oh no (laughs), I have no such intentions.

Q: In November, your brother competed in PRIDE tournament in Holland. Tell us about his match.

A: The match was unsuccessful for my brother: Aleksander lost to Fabricio Werdum. According to the coach, he fought the match recklessly: he did everything he should not have done, every single thing we warned him about.. San'a probably started really believing in himself too early. It seems he's got the 'star desease' - he thinks he is a great fighter, he stopped training properly (we have not been working together for over six months now), and now he lost the second time this season.

Q: Do you see a way for this situation to improve? Is there a way you can help your bother to fix his career? Only recently he was defeating his opponents in minutes, if not seconds. Analysts were saying that winning was a family tradition for Emelianenko brothers..

A: Frankly speaking, I have no desire to intervene in my brothers business. He is an adult, and he can decide for himself which road to follow.

Q: Maybe you are right. Sometimes people ask for help and advice, and later blame those who tried to help them for their failures.

A: Yes, we had a situation where after the fight with Josh Barnett Aleksander partially blamed me. Even though out of all the advice I gave him he did not take a single thing to heart. This was a good lesson for me, and now I have no intention to intervene.

Q: What are the chances of seeing your youngest brother Ivan in the ring?

A: Ivan will soon compete in a combat sambo tournament. He often goes to training camps with us, including the most recent camp in the Mount Elbrus region, but I don't think there is any sense in putting him even in the preliminary ranking matches in PRIDE. He is not ready for competition at that level yet. Sometimes he unfortunately gets in this phase.. sometimes he trains really hard, with dedication and desire, and sometimes he is just doing it half-heartedly. He probably thinks that one can achieve great results training only from time to time.. He has the same problem as Aleksander. If San'a trained with more dedication, he could have been a contender for the title for a long time - at least he would definitely be breathing down my neck. But since he trains only before the fights, he gets these unfortunate losses.

Q: Who is Aleksander training with now?

A: Before the last PRIDE tournament Aleksander went to train in Holland. Considering the fact that Fabricio Werdum is a very knowledgeable, very serious fighter, Aleksander needed a good sparring partner. And in Holland he simply had no one to grapple with. Even though the coaches offered him several times to come to our camp, he refused, thinking that he'll be better off in Holland. Well, we see the result.

Wow, some tough love from big brother! Fedor is the man and you gotta admire the guy's work ethic. It's hard to argue with his results.

Yeah, Fedor's childhood coach says that compared to all the other kids in his Sambo class Fedor was not very strong and did not have the most talent. He just worked his ass off.

-Casual Fighter

Fedor seems like a disciplined military type and Alex seems like an undisciplined mobster type. Alex has physical tools, heart and aggression but his previous mob ties might represent his disinterest in authority and work ethic.

Fedor...what a great fighter

Aleks went to jail and Fedor went in the military. Maybe that says something.

"Aleks went to jail and Fedor went in the military. Maybe that says something."

heh, exactly.

Very frank ,smart sounding guy.

He's going to be an amazing coach when he decides he doesn't want to be the champ anymore.

When he says a fighter is the real deal you can pretty much lay money on the guy too.

Thanks for the interview.

Kanotoa, I think Fedor bulked up a bit since he was 10. :)

Well, just to make sure you don't get a wrong impression of Fedor.. Here's something to balance it out:


Blue namer, please post. Thanks!


lol good pic

i'd like one of those shirts as well.


awesome interview. thats the first time ive read a fedor interview that didnt consist of one word answers. and the first time he didnt talk about how alexandre would be champion material soon.

and i want that shirt.

A bully? Sure he intimidates other PRO FIGHTERS and that's no small feat, but he doesnt seem to bully others around. And he is as small a HW can be.


:: awesome interview. thats the first time ive read a fedor interview that didnt consist of one word answers.

He usually gives great answers, but he ALWAYS gets shitty interpreters. At the last PRIDE show (Real Deal), after the fight with Coleman the American interviewer in the middle of the ring asks something like:

"First, tell us about the respect you have for Mark Coleman"

Russian interpreter: (in Russian, to Fedor) "Well, we can really see that you respect Mark, umm" (turns back to the American interviewer) "Sorry, what was the question?"

I am sure she is a nice girl, but seriously, if she wants to be an interpreter she should be able to do better than that. Then Fedor says something like:

"I respect Mark and I love him very much. When I was young, before I started fighting myself, I watched his tapes in amazement. I admire him".

Russian interpreter then completely drops "love", "amazement", and "admire", and ends up with a bland answer that goes something like:

"I respect Mark. Before I started fighting, I saw his tapes. I respect him a lot."

I mean, how hard is it to translate "love"?

It just pisses me off. The champion of the world deserves better than that.

I honestly don't think that there is a more athletically gifted fighter in MMA. When you start talking about his movement, speed, strength, and explosiveness, no one compares.

Nog who was able to totally control coleman with his grip strength while in guard. But, fedor was able to get his hands free at will against Nog.

And for 230 lbs, fedor moves a hell of alot quicker than any other big man.

He does not have the Adonis look but he is definitely gifted in terms of athleticism.