Fedor or Fjodor?

Some say that the name of the toughest guy on the planet isn't Fedor but Fjodor.

So, you russians here, what is it?


Racist...You don't have to be Russian to speak russian

Im pretty sure Fedor is the russian version of Theodore. Airspeed is right you can probably spell it loads of ways in english

The correct Russian pronunciation is closer to Fjodor.

How the name should be written in English - Fedor or Fjodor is not clear. Fedor just looks cleaner.

Fedor Dostoyevsky?

Fyodor Dostoyevsky?

pining for the Fjodors, imo

His manager spells it "Fedor" in his correspondence with me, but a lot of his Russian fans spell it "Fyodor", which is closer to the pronunciation.

Well, on his website is says "Fedor", so I'm going on the assumption that is how he transliterates it.

Some would argue it's actually pronounced FED-468-21334, Version 609.


Actual Russian pronunciation would be similar to "Fyodor" although it's frequently written as "Fedor."

Yeah, I heard Josh Barnett pronounce it "Fyodor" when he called him out at a PRIDE event.

The pronunciation is definitely Fyodor. Fay-dor is wrong.

The last syllable is actually more like "dur" than "door". Fyodur. To be more specific, for those who know linguistics, the o in Fedor is pronounced like a shwah(sp?).

As you point out, in Russian he has the same first name as Dostoyevsky. The established spelling of that name is Fyodor in English and Fjodor in Scandinavian languages.
Fedor probably comes from lazy Japanese or American translation of the Russian letter ë.
His mama call him Fyodor – I'ma call him Fyodor.
CDarwin - you're Swedish, aren't you? Have you seen the debate on it on Fighter Mag's forum?

Anyone who has trouble with the pronunciation should remember that "Theodore" is the English equivalent of the Russian "Fjodor".

You wouldn't pronouce "Theodore" as "THAY-DOR" or something like that. LOL. As for the spelling, there are different variations, all of which Fjodor (Fedor) is aware of and accepts. Probably not a big deal.

His website spell his name like this: "Feodor Emelyanenko"

But then again, this is the same place that spell these fighters names like this: "Antonio Rodrigo Nagiera", "Kazyuki Fudgita", "Gary Gudridg" and the best one, "Hiz Hiring" so take it with a grain of salt :)