Fedor or JDS: Who is faster?

Who, out of the two, is the faster fighter?

Faster handspeed, quickness of foot etc.

JDS faster jab/straight punches/movement

Fedor faster hooks/punches in bunches/transition to grappling range and techniques


The thing that always impressed me with Fedor is how fast he seemed with power behind it. I don't have a very vast base of experience beyond watching strikers, but the way he seemed to be able to crank his body into shots and recover was/is a mystery to me. Phone Post

Fedor is superior allround with his JJ. But pure boxing, I think JDS has the edge Phone Post

In his day, fedor's foot speed and grappling would make him the faster fighter. It sort of sucks that he decided to just beck a headhunter later on Phone Post

Fedor, but I think JDS has better timing Phone Post

OnlyTheStrongSurvive - 

Fedor, but I think JDS has better timing Phone Post

I don't know man, Fedor's KO of Rogers while dodging a punch was some incredible expert timing, and that fight was when he was already past his prime condition.

cjlom21 - Fedor would KO JDS in under 2 minutes, most likely. once he gets inside, its goodnight Junior.

hahahaha today? or 10 years ago?