Fedor REALLY overhyped

Fedor is a very good fighter, no doubt about that, but he is overhyped up to the gills.

Here are some Quotes:

"scariest, most talented, ruthless fighter to set foot on MMA’s canvas"

"Fedor is the badded man on the planet"

"Fedor Mistique"

Is it some sort of the cult. It seems some people look for that unbetable fighter they can trust to be fans of.

Give me a break. The guy is small heavyweight. He is fast, has descent power, and has some good skills.

There is another small Heavywight with similar description Arlovsky fought, Matushenko.

He didn't seem to have any major troubles there.

Fedor is not very strong, he doesn't have the best technique, he is not very durable.

Anything can happen, of course, and he can beat Arlovsky easily, as he did with Tim Silvia. However is he keeps fighting good fighters on regular basis he will be beaten, as everyone else has.

and jerrry millen is his annoying metro cheerleader

Fedor is worth the hype, who else should get that type of hype?

GSP, anderson silve, hell even sugar rashad evans

You right about Matushenko having similar attributes- world class grappler with heavy hands. The difference is in the mental department. Vladdy is one of my favorites but Fedor is just mentally perfect for fighting.

He also is the quickest heavyweight out there. Vladdy is strong as a bull but his big hands are slow in comparison.

this thread is over hyped

Relax. It's just marketing.

I don't argue that Fedor is very good.

He himself is very respecfull. It's just all the hype around him kinda pisses me off.

Same with Kimbo, except Kimbo was never that good of a fighter.

Fedor is Roy Jones jr compared to Vladdy on the feet

but Fedor never got knocked out by the Pedro, Datsik, or Sylvia either.

 Fedor has faced top competition and has been completely dominant against all of them. I think he has earned his reputation.

I'm worried about the "Madden Jinx" of all of this latest hype. Just let the guy fight and win. Luckily, Fedor doesn't seem to care about any of that stuff. He is mentally strong.

Dude this time last week people were bitching that Afflication wasn't hyping at all.

They gotta do something to sell tickets and quite franly Fedor is the draw here. Is it a little over the top? Yeah probably but hey it's America they're trying to reach.

Would you say he's more hyped than the Frate Trane?

Vasechkin is like Vasya? Priwet ;)

someone grew up in the 80's and cant get over his Russian hatred

lol at this fuckin troll post

comparing fedor and matsushenko? gtfo

successful troll is successful apparently

simply put fedor beats any other mma'er at worst 8 out of 10 times

and people have to just take it

wow! a troll with a join date of 00


If you lived in Soviet union, you would know who Vasechkin is.

>>>wow! a troll with a join date of 00

You know you are right. What are hell am I saying.
FEdor is everything people were saying about him, and so much more.

He is like Superman, except he is much stronger, way faster, and considerably tougher.

superman wears fedor pajamas

arlovski will be terminated

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