Fedor resigned gov't post, free of M-1 & Vadim too

Vadim Finkelstein: "Fedor more likely will perform in America"
championat.com - July 15/15

Ex-manager of Fedor Emelianenko Vadim Finkelstein - his return to the sport.

The head of the promotion company M-1 , Vadim Finkelstein , former manager of Fedor Emelianenko, shared his expectations about the return of the legendary fighters in the sport . Recall Fedor announced his return to the ring after a nearly three-year hiatus.

Vadim, came as a surprise to you the return of Fedor? - I was very surprised, experienced a pleasant shock and could not believe it.Personally, he tried to persuade year and a half, offered him to fight. At first he was in doubt, and then asked not to return to this subject, said that done. A month ago, he said: "Vadim, I might be back." Very pleased with his decision, because he was a huge potential. Over the past 10 years of career Fedor was not able to fully relax.

In your opinion, why he decided to come back? What is his motivation?
In the last 10 years of career Fedor was not able to fully relax. All fights and training, there is no time to be with family. At some point, he tired of it mentally, he still had enough. Now that some time has passed, he missed and at the same time, much stronger mentally. Fyodor understands that it is his profession, he is able to do well. In addition, at all events pushed him to return. Apparently, he felt like it.

How can spin the return of Fedor that it was a business story and push for the development of the entire Russian MMA community? - I never stopped and always go forward, so do not put the emphasis on a single Fedor, but I glad he's back. Wherever he appeared - in Japan, Bellator, the UFC or do I, although the M-1 is unlikely to surpass all these monsters in the financial plan. Of course, now it pays much more attention to the arts. M-1 this year, making 12 events, and the following year plan 14-16 on the platform of M-1 Global TV. To fans subscribed to the platform, I need to make more products. What sense to subscribe to it, if the fights will be two or three times a year. The return of such a star will give a strong push. Along with him will grow and other stars, so I am very pleased that Fedor returned. I always wanted this and said that he left early. Almost all top-end tyazham 36-37 years. They're a couple of years younger than Fedor.

Where would you like Fedor to fight? - Of course, it's not my business...

but the choice is not so great - UFC, Bellator, Japan.

It seems to me that the information on the return of Fedor came sooner than expected. He said to someone, he blurted out, and went. But he can not fight right now, it is necessary for at least six months to prepare. More likely Fedor will perform in America. Maybe, Bellator will make such an offer he can not refuse, but I doubt it. Or the same Dan White did not want to work with him. But I'm sure he wants and how! Now M-1 does not have any rights to Fedor and will participate in the tender as well as everyone else.

What is the cost to organize a fight-return?
- I do not know. In the same part of the UFC earnings comes not from the fees, and the deal with pay-per-view. In the UFC or Bellator will certainly be binding to pay-per-view, because the fight will be shown in the paid mode. Will the basic guaranteed amount of 300-400 thousand plus so many dollars to the viewer. What tournament will gather as much money and will.

Could the decision Theodore affected by changes in their personal lives, such as, for example, a return to his first wife and working for political office? -

Recently, I was a bit moved away from Fedor and rarely saw him, mainly in the competitions.

He resigned from the ministry, but I do not know for what reason.

I lead only to M-1, and the World Federation of MMA, where Fedor - honorary president. I noticed that Fedor is doing well in terms of health and family welfare. He ate no anabolic steroids, unlike other fighters, which it subsequently affects so still retains the excellent form. Fyodor - purely Russian man who has achieved all his labor, and for a long time will be the number one in the world.

Many people say that Fedor came back for the money, but he had a good position, which is contrary to this view. What role in his return still play money? - Many people say it is I need money and I get Fedor to speak, but I do not know what motivates them. Money, of course, is not superfluous. It is the market and the decision to act depends on how much to pay. Do not be paid, not spoken. I do not think it's just because of the money. Besides them there are certainly something else. Because it used to be smart in terms of money supply but Fedor even heard of them wanted. Money does not cost him in the first place. He's the kind of person that if he ever into something poking, he will not do it. Fedor himself must ripen earlier. I myself have given up hope of his return, and was stunned by the news. Wherever he played, I am ready to support Fedor. Behind it always goes a train, and I am ready to sit there in any car.


Fedor ditched M-1 and Vadim? Phone Post 3.0

I always thought he was a part owner in M-1. That was the story at the time. I'm not sure what is true any more.

Vadim for Jerry Millen... not sure what is worse.

Fedor may be the HW GOAT, but he is terrible at surrounding himself with respectable people.

StrikingMMA - I always thought he was a part owner in M-1. That was the story at the time. I'm not sure what is true any more.

He probably just got a piece of the backend on cards he was headlined and someone took that information and said ownership instead. All this shit has to get translated, bound to be mistakes.

Later Phone Post 3.0

Tt Phone Post 3.0

Hoping it is Bellator... Phone Post 3.0

Or I guess I meant UFC, but just really in United States so I can see it. Phone Post 3.0

I think it should be the UFC. They practically own him already. Phone Post 3.0