Fedor response to roach

Seen this on sherdog thought it was such a great response, I would post it here. Hopefully it has not been posted already.

Fighters Only Magazine - The World's Greatest MMA Magazine - News - Fedor responds to Arlovski's comments

Emelianenko also responded to comments from Arlovski’s boxing coach, the great Freddie Roach, who said that the Russian is lacking in technical boxing skill.

“Sometimes it is a trainer’s job to point out weaknesses in his fighter’s opponents, and sometimes it is a trainer’s job to convince his fighter that his opponent has weaknesses.We will see.”“Again, we are not boxing and we are not fighting Sambo,” he said. “We are fighting MMA.”

Absolutely awesome.

 I'm with voorhees.  Awesome.

Thats straight out of a fight fortune cookie.


Not only the #1 heavyweight, but he posesses lightning fast wit.



mmafan342 -  All i gotta say good luck to both of them, but if Fedor DOES KO Arlovski it is going to be really awkward for Roach.

why? it's his job to talk up, and motivatehis fighter.
Do you really expect him to be honest and say, "look, this Fedor guy could put you in a coma"

supersonic - Thats straight out of a fight fortune cookie.

 lol for sure!

Bobby Lupo -  Good response by Vadim


The full interview was posted on here it's from the five ounces of pain exclusive.

Im tired of hearing about Roach. While he does know his shit, his shit is boxing...not MMA.