FEDOR seen backstage at UFC 75!!!!

Reports are coming in...apparently he was seen sorting some type of T-shirt...

Stay tuned ...more to follow!

Dana was back there blowing him trying to get him to sign but he couldnt make him nut by the end of the PPV so now we have to wait some more.

Dana begging Fedor GIF in 3...2....1....

Also, reports are coming in? Who are you?

^^"Also, reports are coming in? Who are you?"

A big fucking nobody...lol

I guess we'll see eh? Let's let him fight before being so condescending.

"Don't beleive the Fedor hype. Just like Cro Cop, a product of Pride hype."

As opposed to who? Tim Sylvia? Arlovski? Randy (who I love but has been KO'd by Chack twice, Barnett and Ricco)?

Why don't you wait and see what happens before you say stupid shit?