Fedor shirt pic? Anyone have?


There was a pic on here a couple weeks back I believe that looked to be Fedor at a press conference of sorts.

Anyway, he was wearing a shirt that had "Fedor" on the front with a stylized script font, and I believe a drawing of a kings crown of sorts.

Sorry bout the shitty description, but does anyone have a pic of that? It'd be greatly appreciated.



Hey Chad, that is one that is still being produced, but with the problems importing stuff right now, it might be several months before I get any new stuff :(

Yes, that sucks.

Victor... thanks man, awesome!

Quik... ha, ya that does suck... when it comes out I will definitely get one, so let me know if you can please...

For some reason I thought the one he wore at the press conference was black lettering on a yellow shirt, maybe I'm just punchy.

Thanks... man, he does not look like what you think the best mma fighter in the world would.



That belt is more STETSON MAN than Metro.....

Sick shirt though...any chance of getting that in Canada?


A brown belt w/ a black shirt?!? pffft...bad for the sport.

So if Six Deuce doesn't have this shirt in stock...who does?