Fedor shows how to really do kimura

Fedor would have tapped Hardy without snapping anything...


I remember that guy...He used to be pretty good.

he would tap out Pierre and Fardy at the same time.


i have to believe we will see fedor in the ufc soon
so many epic fights just waiting to happen!

now is the perfect time!

Fedor will NEVER enter the octagon. Not ever. He has priced himself out of negotiations. He is not interested.

Just like he made Rogers tap with it, yeah?

Sometimes even perfect technique doesn't always work properly. Lots of variables in the sport.


BJ Penn would beat Fedor

his english is pretty good.

well better than nate diaz anyway

1775Rock - BJ Penn would beat Fedor

 PJ Benn would beat Bador

EvilMaster - Fedor will NEVER enter the octagon. Not ever.

It really is unprecedented, an entire promotion ducking a single fighter like that.


It's not about ducking a promotion, Fedor is happy in Russia, Fedor likes his freedom, his religion, his beliefs. His friends are M1, M1 has political ground in Russia. It's as if Xtreme Couture was influenced by the President of the United States, leaving it behind just wouldn't seem like such a smart idea.

Nogueira...does like this

Sakuraba....like this


buvaiser - his english is pretty good.


wow I've never seen fedor speak english before, interesting.