Fedor signed Strikeforce GP Flyer for sale

$45 shipped.

email me for picture fighter1028@sbcglobal.net

First person to commit to it gets it.I have a lot more interest in it than I thought I would lol.

fightpimp how do you do it?

First one to paypal the funds should get it.

$45 for a Fedor sig is a good deal, unless he loses his next six fights...haha!


Good point.First one to pay gets it.

I dont understand some people I sent the picture to one guy showing its only signed by Fedor and told him its an 8x10 and his response was is it only signed by Fedor and what size is it???????????????????

I think this is sold.Havent been paid yet though.

 Wow, you might not want to sell it to a guy who can't read or see...lol!