Fedor/Sylvia Not Signed

they're rumored to be close to signing, but i just wanted to point out to you guys, before everyone gets carried away, that they aren't even signed to fight yet



wouldnt it be funny if Tim actually won this (not that i think he has a chance in hell) ... for the sole reason is it would completely leave Randy out in the cold.

A Tim win over Fedor would make the hype for a Randy fedor fight go out the window and all the shit Randy went thru this past year would have been worthless


Id laugh my ass off

That would be hilarious.

It could happen!!! Tim has a decent chance.

I hope this fight happens for several reasons.
1) I like Tim and it would be pretty cool for him to have a fight of this magnitude directly after his departure from the UFC. Not hating on the UFC, I just like seeing people being the master of their own destiny.
(2) Like Tim or not, to say he has no chance, is biased and foolish. I don't know if he can win it or not, but Fedor has been hit and rocked before. If Big Tim puts a heavy hand on him and follows up with a combination, he can certainly be knocked out.
3) This could be the beginning of the end of all of the talk about Fedor not fighting anyone seriously ranked. Tim IS, like it or not.
4) If Tim does win, it really shakes things up, and I enjoy that.

 I find it odd that the same day Sherdog breaks this news, Tim updates his blog with the following:


April 08, 2008
Turkey hunting went real good with Gary in Tennessee. I got a big turkey hunt coming up the 14th of April with the Drury Boys in Iowa. Then the week after that I go to Texas with Cuz from Mossy Oak. -Tim

uummm, ok

I'm just saying, this production hasn't actually had a show yet, and Fedor is sort of famous for not fighting who he's rumored to be fighting

it wouldn't surprise me at all if this falls through. It also wouldn't surprise me at all if Sylvia beats Fedor