Fedor = The Absolute Fighter?

Someone please fill me in on who can really beat or has the best chance at squashing Fedor? I see no one taking the title from him, for years.

Give your opinions UG.

Tim Sylvia has the best chance.


Fedor has beatin' strikers better then Sylvia, who would beat Sylvia.

He is one of the few guys that Fedor hasnt already beaten, plus he is about a foot taller, 50lbs heavier, with good takedown D, and a some pretty brutal strikes, I say he has a chance of beating Fedor.

My guess is you probably thought Tim had no chance against Arlovski either.

Didnt Silvia weight in about 250-255 lbs for his last fight?

Since when does Fedor weight 200-205 lbs?

The weight difference between the two of them is more like 20 lbs and Fedor would stop Silvia inside of 4 minutes,IMHO.

The man to beat him is someone with awesome takedowns, awesome guard passes and awesome control from side control and mount.

If Nogueira couldn't beat Fedor from his guard, Fedor is probably not possible to sub from the guard position in MMA.

If Crocop couldn't knock Fedor out standing, that strategy is probably not good either.

If you can get side control or mount on Fedor and keep him there, he will be no threat. I'm not kidding.

ARONA comes to mind, although I'm sure that quite a few fighters like this are about to merge on the MMA scene soon, probably this year or the next.

When Arona fought Fedor a few years ago, he took Fedor down and mounted him like NOTHING, many times in a row, but probably because strikes to the head on the ground wasn't allowed, he wasn't able to do finish from there.

This was clearly Fedor's weak spot a few years ago. The question is, has he fixed that weak spot since then? I doubt that he can improve enough in this area to prevent Arona from taking him down at will and not letting him get up.

I'd just want to see someone else than Arona do this to Fedor, because I'm not crazy about that guy - he tends to have boring fights and his personality is not that likable.

Also note that I like Fedor, too.

My 5 cents.

jake shields is up to the task IMO

a world class wrestler with sub skills who can take him down and keep him there.


A true Pride ball slurping nutthugger right there.


Well, all you actually need in someone to defeat Fedor is a man that is fast and agile enough to hit the off button that is located in the back of Fedor's head....wait...no strikes to the back of the head, well damn. I guess Fedor is undefeatable.

I also think Mark Hunt might have a chance. It would be a long shot but he might be able to pull it off.

LOL at Tim Sylvia beating Fedor.

When Herring finally reversed Fedor, he had side-mount iirc and Fedor seemed unable to escape (the round ended before Heath could really do damage).

On the other hand, Randleman was utterly unable to keep Fedor down even after suplexing him on his head.

Ken Shamrock depending on his steak intake.

TTT for "Ken Shamrock depending on his steak intake."

"When Arona fought Fedor a few years ago, he took Fedor down and mounted him like NOTHING, many times in a row, but probably because strikes to the head on the ground wasn't allowed, he wasn't able to do finish from there."

This would be accurate, except that Arona had TWO takedowns in 15 minutes against Fedor.

Every other time they went to the ground, it was from Fedor going for guillotine attempts, that, while not even coming close, racked up points under RINGS rules. Fedor knew the rules, and even then in his first or second fight fought very intelligently.

Here is how it worked. Under RINGS rules, when Arona shot for a takedown, FEdor sprawled and then pulled a guillotine, Arona pass guard and got mount, and then sat there and did nothing until the stand up or got reversed, Fedor is the one that gets credit there under RINGS rules. Takedowns and positioning were nothing under their rules if you didn't use them.

So FEdor going for a sub, and then sweeping Arona, meant far more than Arona getting mount and sitting there.

Arona took him down, yeah, maybe twice in 15 minutes, probably because he held him down completly pinned for about 15 minutes :)

Maybe Fedor played the rules better, but I seriously doubt that he let Arona mount him intentionally. Also, it wasn't until at the very end that Fedor managed to sprawl successfully. At first, he failed with his sprawl every time.

You can download Arona vs Fedor of Limewire, but Fedor did take that fight, Arona would've been screwed if real punches to the face were legal.