Fedor throws a punch like.....

he's throwing a baseball. When I rewatch the Brett ending punch it reminds me of Homer Simpson..."I'm gonna throw this 100 mph fastball and if your head should get in the way..."

They keep calling it 'casting punches'. IDK seems like they just made it up to make it sound like he is doing it on purpose.

Where the Hell were 'casting punches' 10 years ago?

 It sounded like a baseball bat hitting a pumpkin... 

"Where the Hell were 'casting punches' 10 years ago?"

They were destroying people in WVC Vale Tudo and Pride, CBS noob

Diego stole my name - "Where the Hell were 'casting punches' 10 years ago?"

They were destroying people in WVC Vale Tudo and Pride, CBS noob

 And before that George Foreman was killing his opponents kidneys with them.

all who claim this is "sloppy technique" should keep watching boxing and wondering why many MMA fighters don't throw punches like mayweather.


Whatever Fedor is doing he's done it enough that it's a very smooth technique with a bump or clinch built in at the end to ensure control or takedown. It's not any more sloppy than some of the unconventional strikes GSP uses.


I learned to punch like that from an old combat sambo instructor. its for realz.

It's like he's taking the superman punch to the next level. The shot he landed on Rogers looked like it was straight out of a comic book.

i wouldnt try to start learning to punch like fedor just like i wouldnt try to start punching like liddell


coming soon to a teenager's backyard near you!!!


They have been in MMA (i.e. Vale Tudo) for decades and other combat sports for much longer.

See Foreman (as someone else mentioned), most Chute Boxe guys, esp. Ninja, Shogun, Pele, Russians like Igor Vov., Fedor. Every now & then you might see Chuck throw one.

They are very effective, but can be dangerous to the fists & elbow of the puncher.

lol nice one andre

Even if Fedor loses his next 10 fights,  He is the most exciting HW in the world to watch!!!!! 

fedors KO was a straight right

he didn't cast, there was no outer rotation of his arm.

He drove with his feet, pivoted his hip and his fist went from where he was holding it directly to Rogers Jaw.

I'm not saying he doesn't throw casting punches but his KO wasn't one.

What set fedor apart is the co-ordination of his body movement on his punches. He puts almost everything into every punch, drives with his feet, twists his hip, dips his shoulder and even leans into it. The leaning forward is what people need to look at to counter Fedor.

Its sloppy boxing when you throw yourself off balance when you punch. MMA fighters get away with it becasue they clinch immeadeately but with correct distancing you should be able to take advantage of an opponent who puts too much into every punch.