Fedor Training BJJ?

I didn't realize Fedor has been training BJJ too. Who with?

No, Fedor has been training judo and sambo with his brother and Nikolai Zuoev, like he always has.

Thanks buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fedor's a judoka bitches. He even said that Ogawa was his childhood Judo hero.

No one of GOlden Glory has a ground game anywhere near as good as Fedor's goku.

Even in interviews before the fight, he talked about sharpening his ground game with Nikolai Zouev.

But, believe what you want. You are one of those who thinks only BJJ players have good submission skills from the back.

I'd say he trains mma which covers all.

Is this gonna turn into one of those BJJ vs. Judo threads?

Judo, BJJ, Sambo, whatever you want to think it came from Fedor used it to win. Congrats!

Goddammit, knock that shit off.

Armbar = Armbar.

fun moment, was in a MA store one day, guy with BJJ shirt has copy of Neil Adam's arm bar book in his hands, says to guy next to him "this guy must have stolen all this stuff from some BJJ video, but did he ever compete?" :)

"It's all so confusing."

let me clear it up. it was an mma armbar. and i'm not so sure that fedor would be done if he gave nog his back. after all, herring escaped that predicament about a hlaf dozen times in pride 17.

Judo armbar / BJJ armbar, who cares, this is mma not specific styles.

It was a great armbar by Fedor.

your father = ignored

pro membership has its privleges....

Actually Fedor does not train BJJ at all. He trained Judo and Sambo in the past and his groundgame hasn't improved much since those days in 2001 when he stopped competing (he still often can be seen in attendance at judo and sambo tournaments though).

He works on his standup primarily, which he talks about in many of his interviews. Thus that WAS a judo/sambo armbar.

Do I think his judo/sambo skills are good enough to submit Nog, a great bjj mma fighter? I don't think so. But I do think his judo/sambo base can help him defend from Nog's attacks quite well.

I thought he was as judo and sambo black belt?

"So, he learned this from the MMA Armbar fairy, I assume."

So if you train at a MMA gym (that practice whatever works for mma) then you actually are a practitioner of like 20 martial arts? If you throw a cross I guess you are both a boxer kickboxer Muay Thay boxer, karate practitioner, TKD, and so on? Most fighters to day have some base style, but practice most stuff.

Sambo has no belts in Russia. Fedor is a judo black belt but that doesn't mean that much since getting a judo black belt is much easier and less time intensive than getting a BJJ black belt.

Fedor's main achievement was taking third in a very prestigious international judo tournament called the Moscow Open. It invites many of the best players in the world. It is similar to Tsiblisi Cup for wrestling.

Fedor also was Master of Sport in Judo which usually means being national champ. I believe he was National Champ in 1997 but he didn't represent Russia in the Worlds because representation at the Worlds is not based solely on performance at the National Championships.

Your Father,

Judo and Sambo both train groundwork much the same way that BJJ does. Standing up and lifting the opponent off the mat (which is legal competition) is not allowed in practice. You do groundwork with a partner for 5 or 10 minutes. It's very similar to BJJ in this regard.

Competition is different of course. But you also must remember a few things. The quick standups in judo competition for inactivity on the ground are a recent development (the last 10 to 20 years). Also you have to remember that America is a weak country for judo. It wouldn't even be considered in the top 30 countries. And, the Camarillo brothers, while solid judo and BJJ guys, would not even be considered in the top 1000 judo guys in the world. It's a shame that the US is not a very good judo country. It's much like the #5 BJJ guy in, say, Uzbekistan, would not be considered in the top 1000 BJJ guys in the world.

I think Fedor's Judo/Sambo background helps him immensely but I do not think a judo/sambo background is as good as a BJJ background for pure no-gi subs. That is why I don't think Fedor will submit Nog. But I do think a judo/sambo background is sufficient to get a takedown and pound on an opponent while not get submitted yourself, all things being equal of course.

Your Father,

I am pretty sure Red Devil does not say: You can not do an armbar like that, that is BJJ. Pretty sure they use whatever works.

"You can not do an armbar like that, that is BJJ."

Picturing a Russian voice saying that. That would be fucking hilarious. At anyrate, Fedor now joins Minotauro as the only men to submit Coleman.

I think that Sergei will use his sambo base to beat Minotauro.

But Fedor will use his judo base to defeat Sergei.

Yeah, that's it...(seriously though, Sergei vs. Minotauro, if it does happen, will be amazing.)