Fedor: UFC doesn't treat fighters like humans

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                                Fedor: doesn't treat fighters like humans

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Strikeforce/M-1 Global Conference Call Report 8.06.09

Vadim Finkelchtein says that no one knew who Brock Lesnar was one-year ago, that he is a product of the UFC hype machine and mocks the fact that he only has had five fights. Also, Fedor says that the UFC doesn’t care about the fighters, that they aren’t treated as humans and that people should respect his decision.

 Fedor is asked about shying away from the UFC in favor of smaller promotions. Fedor says that he takes the better deal for him. He says that the UFC has a bad attitude and doesn't treat the fighters like humans. He doesn't like their lying, and says that they gave him one deal, and they told the internet another one. The UFC offer was "miserable".

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 Oh Snap.

So what. Fedor is not human. He is Russian

 The stage is set for another throw down between the fedor fanbois and his detractors on this thread


strikeforce is better than this.. drop M-1 and continue the cross promotion with dream.. M-1 can't even get their own promoters license anywhere stateside and yet they want to co-promote??

Mydogsnameischloe - Do you retards actually beleive that Fedor would sign with an Org that has consistently called him a "farce" "fatass" "a nobody".

alot of you have no pride.

I just wish fedor would come out and say this is the reason instead of making excuses like sambo, contracts, etc. might be smart to keep dana on his good side but he is really looking bad