Fedor Video: I've Proven everything to myself

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He's the Fidel Castro of MMA.

haha, you're one of the worst posters here. but continue posting about how other people are delusional, dupes, bottom feeders, or whatever ad hominem garbage.

BJ > DORKUS -  " there are only three guys for him to face outside the UFC. barnett, arlovski, and kharitonov. then Werdum who was in pride towards the end (losing to Kharitonov and Nog, beating Aleks & Overeem)"

There are other guys coming up.

It's like how Hughes destroyed everyone in the world at 170 and then new guys came along, and suddenly people are saying he's done. But with Fedor it's like "Well, once he beats these two guys I'm extremely familiar with, that's it, mission accomplished -- no one else could possibly challenge him."

no, that's a straw man. fedor has expressed interest in fighting Brock and Randy. other up and coming heavyweights haven't proven themselves contenders but it's beside the point as they are in the UFC, and those other guys are clearly top 10 and are available to fight. It's not Fedor's problem that the UFC has walled off competition by creating restrictive contracts. Pretending like the economic aspect doesn't exist is silly

thelifecoach -

Fedor has a lot to prove, and he doesn't seem interested in proving it.

 Fedor has a lot to prove to who?  You?  I'm sure that he is concerned.

Fedor has a lot to prove, and he doesn't seem interested in proving it.

Are you joking? what does he have left to prove? He dominated Pride for six years when Pride had all the top HW fighters in the world. He fought all who they put in front of him. Pride was the undisputed top organization til it folded due to bad decisions by the owners. The only HW that Pride didnt have was Big Tim. Fedor has been proving himself to the world for SIX freaking years, and no one has defeated him. No one else in mma can say the same thing. Randy has been around along time and has beaten top comp, but he has hardly been dominant. Being ko'd by liddell a couple of times, ko'd by Barnett and Ricco of all people. And when will people realize that fighters themselves have little to no say in who they fight. Promoters have the say. Fedor fought in Affliction not because he was ducking the UFC, but because Affliction paid him what he was asking, and the UFC did not.

Lets face it .. there are UFC groupies here that can't fathom that a guy is essentially undefeated in 28 fights against awesome competition and isn't in the UFC. Not only that he has shown but maybe a minute of looking mortal (against Fujita) in that time, he has never lost a round. Everyone else we put up there Anderson, GSP and Penn have been beaten fair and square more than once in their careers. This guy hasn't even come close.

And his humble nature is a breath of fresh air.

do you have evidence to the contrary or are you just casting aspersions? fedor has had photo ops with randy - what proof do you have that he was planning to not fight him? you don't, you're reaching and obviously biased

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thanks for posting.

Fedor is the greatest.

Lol miss those days

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Truemanc3 - Fedor is the best guy in MMA... he has beat everyone that was put in front of him.

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